Episode 1 | The Sexual Dark Age

Episode 1 | The Sexual Dark Age

Welcome to the inaugural episode of Ending the Sexual Dark Age, a lighthearted yet serious podcast dedicated to the unvarnished truth about sex in the modern world. We’re educated from an early age about everything we’ll need to know as an adult, except for the gaping hole in that education regarding sex. Every generation is left to fend for themselves, leading us to a point at which we’ve launched a space station, virtually mastered the atom, and gone from the phonograph to the iPod in about a hundred years…but we still have 70% of women faking orgasms. This show aims to put a dent in that obscene statistic.

Despite what most men (and women) are led to believe, the female orgasm is far simpler than nuclear physics or mechanical engineering. This show will guide you, a step at a time, to the healthy attitude towards sex that your parents should have given you. From practical techniques to sexual philosophy, you’ll learn you how to have better sex and more of it; in a friendly atmosphere that doesn’t demean or coddle.

The Sexual Dark Age has been upon us for centuries, and despite the glut of sexual imagery we’re bombarded with our attitudes toward sex are just as self-destructive and backwards as they were 300 years ago. In some cases we’re worse off now, and this show aims to beat back the darkness with plain, honest talk and info about how we got here in the first place; and how to reverse the lifetime of unhealthy sexual attitudes inflicted on us by a culture too ashamed to have honest, open dialog about something we’re all biologically programmed to love.

This show will typically be between 20 and 30 minutes in length depending on the topic, and new episodes will be released every 2 or 3 weeks.

Send questions, comments, requests, tirades, and insults to jvaltharas[at]gmail[dot]com, and thanks for listening.

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  1. Sherwood Sondrini August 31, 2010 at 11:09 am · · Reply

    This is a great show and I’ll be following up.

    A good friend sent this link the other day and I’m desperately waiting your next podcast. Keep on on the remarkable work.

  2. Have discovered your website via msn the other day and absolutely love it. Carry on the great work.

  3. This is excellent and I dig your style! A much needed approach to sexuality in our puritan modern culture. I will make a point to follow this series and look forward to doing so. Beers on me anytime!

  4. oh my god this is awesome.

    thank you so much for doing this.

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