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Your assignment for episode 8, should you have a stunt pussy, is to get that pussy a new toy.

Girls, since you can never have enough sex toys, buy yourself a new one.  If you haven’t used toys before with your man, try getting him on board with using it on you.  If he resists, make him listen to this episode 🙂

Guys, your assignment is to buy a vibrator as a gift for your girl, then surprise her by using it on her.

As always, post here if you dare after completing your homework.


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  1. I have to say, that I love your work. I came across your podcasts on accident, and spent literally $250 at the sex store the other day! Sex has always been an issue, and as a 26 yr old female, I’ve never had an orgasm………. You inspire me to not give up, and your advice is amazing! With more thanks than you know!

    • I’m always thrilled to have someone just stumble across the show and find some value in it, and I’m sure you’ll make the most of that shopping spree. In Episode 9 I gave some advice to a listener named Mimi with a similar but less common orgasmic issue (she can get off with a guy but not alone), but a lot of the advice I gave her may be very helpful to you in seeking out your first big O. In your situation you’re more likely to get off alone for the first time as opposed to with your guy, but I’m honored to have inspired you and I hope the show continues helping you along in a positive direction.

  2. Hi CuriousKity already has a good collection of toys but our other playmate only has a couple so far. This weekend I got her a small butt plug since she is interested in anal and since its that time of the month CuriousKity suggested a pocket rocket for her. I got her and Kity matching pocket rockets since Kity’s is in need of replacement.

    Kity and I had fun trying out the pocket rocket on our playmate but I haven’t gotten a report on how the butt plug was yet.

  3. I recently bought some duo-tone balls. I’d never had a pair of ben wa balls at all before, and had heard good reviews. As I posted on the Bathroom Wall, they didn’t do much in the way of orgasms or even sexual pleasure. However, they do make me feel naughty (the good kind) when I use them in public.

  4. Hey J.V. I just want you to know that I have felt like me and my wife have been having problems communicating about sex and what we want. We are both shy about talking about it with each other both coming from relationships with people firmly stuck in the dark ages. Me and my wife have been listening to your podcast since I found it a week ago. Today we took a day off of work and went to a near by big city to visit a small sex shop. After listening to your pod cast on masturbation and sex toys we bought a corded bullet vibrator, a cock sleeve with a bunny’s head on it, and stretchy silicone cock ring. After listening to the pod casts today not only did we buy and enjoy the new toys tonight for the first time I got to watch my wife masterbate with the new bullet (she didn’t like it as much as she thought she would until she put the rabbit cock sleeve over it for the extra stimulation) but we also had some of the most honest and open discusion about sex and what we want out of it from ourselves and well as from each other it was amazing and I can not thank you enough for lighting a path for us.

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