Episode 11 | Advice Line: Threesome Insecurity, An Awesome Oral Sex Game, Age-Inappropriate Relationships, Fixing A Lame Sex Life

Episode 11 | Advice Line: Threesome Insecurity, An Awesome Oral Sex Game, Age-Inappropriate Relationships, Fixing A Lame Sex Life

Specific tips on making your own Dupli-Cock, a bi female submissive asks for advice on head space in threesomes with another girl, a sex game you might never have thought of, thoughts on age inappropriate/lolita relationships and some tips for a guy trying to get his sex life out of high school now that he’s almost done with college.

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  1. Just wanted to say that I just discovered your show last week and I think it is great. All of your advice mirrors my own outlook on sex and I’ve been referring everyone I can to your show.

    I’m really glad that you answered Curiouskity’s question and I think I’ve been doing everything you suggested her dom does. I’m kinda new to group sex. When Kity posted her question we had only had two threesomes at the time and we just had our third on Saturday.

    Hearing you and Shara talk about it made her day today so thanks for that too.

    So any advice for a dom trying to help his subs work through all their insecurities and shame from trying to conform to social norms all their lives?

    • I’m sure I can provide some tips for you Liam. Can you tell me: do both submissives have equal status, or is Kity your primary with the second as a casual third?

      • Kity is my primary partner right now. The other girl is new to everything. We just started introducing her to polyamory and BDSM about a month ago. So she doesn’t have equal status yet but we’re working towards that.

  2. never owned a vibrator. broke up with my fiancee of 7 years and 3 months but we still have casual sex once in a while. listening to the show has shown me some of the mistakes i made, some he made, and the things we could have done better. you not only encouraged me to purchase my first vobrator but also to be more sexually open. not so much a perverted, although at times it feels like it, but to be more talkative about things i like and things i dont. more importantly, to be open to more blowjobs. its not that i never did them, i enjoy them somewhat, but more sensual ways to go about it. love the new blowjob game and cant wait to try it. keep up the amazing work, cant wait for more.. now to get a new boyfriend and rock his world with his cock in my mouth 🙂 ty

  3. Condom flavored dick.. ugh its even gross to say.
    The advice was great and
    I have a tip that have helped some friends in the past:

    Flavored lub 🙂

    freshman yr of college I lived with 2 girls who didn’t like giving head
    And I was cool with their bf’s who asked me to help in my own way.
    I had my roomies taste test the flavored lub samples that I got from
    the local clinic (blueberry was the winner btw).
    One of the roomies tried one out on her guy with great success.
    She was into giving head like crazy because now her dudes dick tasted like blueberry pie
    and the general convo about giving head helped the other roomie
    who just needed some tips to get started.

    This might be an easy way to get rid of the condom but still have something there if
    Girlfriend doesn’t want to slob the nob raw.
    Plus it can be a fun game to see how long the flavor last 😉

    its kinda silly but sometimes a honest pep talk and something tasty
    can really help a girl get with the program.

    Hope it helps

  4. In the case of threesomes: I have experienced the same sort of concerns as Curious Kitty. The way I deal with it is to ask my primary, after the fact, whether the other girl did anything that I don’t do, that I can learn and add to my own list of skills. This goes for when we have separate play too. When one of us gets home from a play date we talk about what we did and if there was anything new and interesting that we need to add to our own sex play.

    • Thank you Liz on sharing your view on what you do to help with those thoughts.

      Do you or have you ever felt that because you didn’t do something that the other girl did, that you are not that great?

      • Is there something that you are talking about in particular?

        I guess if there was something that came up where our secondary busted out a move that I don’t do, I would talk about it with my boyfriend later. I would want to know if he liked it and if it is something that he wants me to do and then decide if it is something I’m willing to try. I’m pretty open and adventurous so I can’t think of anything that someone might bust out in a threesome scenario that I would flat out say “no way” to. I guess anal sort of falls into that category but it’s not off the table, just something that I only do when it’s just the two of us. It IS okay to have boundaries.

        I guess my advice would be to have an open mind about being adventurous in bed with your primary partner even if the topic at hand isn’t something you are willing to do in a group sex scenario. If it is something that you are completely unwilling to try or are disgusted by, you can always ask the other girl not to do that particular thing in the group setting or accept the fact that you do not have to service all of your primary’s needs all of the time.

        You might also be able to include yourself in some way without actually performing the action yourself. For example: if we were talking about anal sex, what if you got yourself a strap-on and did a little DP with your girlfriend. He can have the back door and you can take the front, you can be taking an active part in the play without having anything enter your anus. I highly recommend the strapless strap-ons worn with a harness. It allows you to have some internal stimulation but maintains the control of a regular strap-on.

        • Liz;

          Thanks for your response. I guess I wasn’t so clear on my question but I really appreciate the answer. Thank you for reinforcing things that I know I need to work on like accepting that I can’t do everything for my partner. Or trying to include myself more in act that I either don’t want to do or can’t do.

          I just wanted to say that I I actually do enjoy anal sex myself.

  5. JV & Shara

    First off, glad i could help. Merry Christmas

    I do not think the episodes are too long at all. Ya’ll are doing a fabulous job. keep it up.

    for the past couple years i have been in search of the “right information in the right way,” entertaining and even more so educational. what you are offering is the best out there without a doubt.

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