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Your assignment for episode 16, if you choose to accept it, is to pick something out of your music collection that you’d like to lick, suck or fuck to and proceed to make it part of at least one session of naked time by matching the rhythm and tempo to your play. Listen to the same songs again a few days later, then post here to let us know how it worked out and whether that music is now lighting your fire.


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  1. This past weekend I decided to do my homework. I choose a song to lick and suck too. I played this song for Liam and our other. I worked them both over at the same time. While sucking Liam I would be fingering our other. Then I would switch to licking / fingering our other while I stroked Liam. It was a great time. The tempo of the music had my head bobbing and my ass swaying.

  2. I put on song that I have 2 different mixes of so that I could have sex with Kitty and our playmate with the same song without having it repeat. The song I choose was Extremis by HAL which has a good beat to set the rhythm and the vocals by Gillian Anderson (Scully on X-Files) are moaned by her very nicely. When I was driving home on Sunday night the song came up and brought up some really good memories.

  3. The song I had used for play time came on today when I was on the bus heading to work. It was interesting and nice to just listen to it again and remember the fun time I had with my Master and our other.

    • I’m glad that worked well for you. I’ve always had a “soundtrack of my life” type relationship with music, and that just extends into sex 🙂

    • I’m glad that worked well for you. I’ve always had a “soundtrack of my life” type relationship with music. Certain songs invariably remind me of a particular event, or the period when I had a given album on “repeat” in the car for days at a time. I like the way that extends into sex so smoothly 🙂

  4. Just started listening to you this last weekend. You are the first podcast I’ve gone out and started from the beginning on my own. Usually I reserve my alone time for music, and the M(female half) half brings the podcasts for when we’re together. This is the first homework that I thought was worth commenting on (though we started this practice only a week or two ago).

    On my nights I go to the ‘Hair Band’ channel.
    On her nights she chooses ‘Hottest Hits’ or dance channels.

    • Excellent, thanks for sharing. I bet you’ll enjoy the latest homework assignment as well.

      From the era of the hair bands, in my opinion nothing beats Ratt ‘N Roll 8191 as a complete album to fuck to. I suggest giving it a whirl.

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