Episode 20 | Audio Erotica “The Taking of Ariel”

Episode 20 | Audio Erotica “The Taking of Ariel”

A sensual tale of erotic fantasy introducing the World of Aeodar, a publication announcement for J.V.’s short story “Breakfast at Jackie’s” in Mira Paul’s Sugar & Spice (Ravenous Romance), and a bit of inspirational heavy metal from J.V.’s archives.

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Read “The Taking of Ariel” on TwistedErotica.com

Ravenous Romance

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  1. I enjoyed your podcast this morning. I listened to it at work this morning. I have to say it is a fun way to start a Monday. I enjoyed the song at the end of your show and it was really nice. You are a man of many talents.

  2. This podcast was a fantastic way for me to unwind after a crazy day at work… just to close my eyes and “visualize”. Great Job!

  3. Well Done JV!!!!! on both the song and the story. if this is just one of the preludes to the novel. I would say you have a bright future in it. Thank you

  4. Awesome story! I hope you don’t mind a nit-pick. I was totally immersed in the story until one word. Sub-space. I understand what it means, but it doesn’t seem like a word that would occur in a fantasy-genre novel, and jarred me back to real life. If I might politely suggest, you could use an italicized ‘foreign language’ word. You’ll get to explain what sub-space is while also making up a totally sexy imaginary word to use in the stories.

    I’m a truck driver, and found your ‘cast from The Swingset last week. I’m almost caught up, and really like all of your episodes so far. I want to hear more stories! Your writing is awesomely immersive!


    • Critique is always welcome 😉

      I actually had an argument with myself on that exact topic when I was writing the story. I couldn’t decide whether to use a “modern” term or try explaining it all long-hand when there was a one-word solution.

      I’m glad you like the stories and there will definitely be more. I’m absorbed in finishing a novel for Ravenous Romance right now, but I’m going to do a few more short stories as soon as Lady of the Drake is delivered to my editor.

  5. I enjoyed this short story. The question I have is where can I find more?

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