Episode 26 | Gays In The U.S. Military

Episode 26 | Gays In The U.S. Military

An in-depth interview with a career military man, who gives us a behind-the-scenes look at the modern soldier’s real attitudes towards serving with gays and lesbians; as well as sharing the straight story on the Pentagon’s new policy to replace “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” and what it means to the people who will actually be dealing with it.

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  1. HI JV,
    Nice Interview. I spent some time in the military myself and am gender straight if otherwise twisted.

    Your commentator states he is open to homosexuals in the military but the arguments he uses are the exact same as that used in racial segregation, opening military for women. The picture your loved one in this situation again is exactly that same.

    The assumption that “that guy will look at my junk and get excited” assumes all gays are no more able to contain themselves than the peepshow pervert jacking off while looking in the window. This thought process is really really at odds with what Sarge had to say about the creativity, intelligence and value of the gays already in the military. Hell you stare a womans tits or ass too long and you are creepy you get in trouble the same as any other inappropriate activity.

    God knows the number of M/F couple that reported to sick call with poison IVY of her back and pussy and him with it on his cock and knees while deployed.

    we struggle with “blacks” and women in the military why will we not struggle gays, in the military for the next 40 years. In fact we struggle with all these groups in the workplace so….

    The new standard gays all around. I had a gay uncle in the Navy in the early 50s and a gay friend in during Vietnam. They both told me the worst thing about DADT was the “quality” of the gays deteriorated. By that he meant the discretion and openness was troubling to him as a gay male.

    The speaker mentions this is being shoved down everyone’s throat. When the CiC makes a decision we follow. This “new Standard” is not new. If he has been i the military for 20+ years he mentions he and every member of the DoD has known this “gay thing” would be part of the military life in their career.

    Being fully responsible for ones own actions after one training is the way it always is in the military.

    And to top it off how many of the troops have fellow straight soldiers who play grab ass in the shower just to freak someone out — just like high school.

    Anal sex status of forces….any non-missionary sex by unmarried people in these countries are illegal so anal sex by same sex is a non-starter because it is no different.

    The argument that “i may have to worry about being in the foxhole with a gay while bombs are going off is pure unadulterated BS.

    Frankly if you are concerned about the real or effective gender of someone in your foxhole for any reason except “can they do the job and protect my ass so I can keep fighting” they don;t belong in the military in the first place.

    Sorry for the extended thoughts but open to gays in the military is not really the message provided to this audience member by the speaker. He is open to gays in life but just not in my foxhole.
    ’nuff said

    • I think part of the way this episode came across to you is that I asked him to talk mostly about prevailing attitudes, which sadly are not where the progressive-minded would like them to be (in the military or otherwise). I’m not afraid to say that I, as a progressive, struggle with the philosophy behind these issues simply because we can legislate/control behavior with policy but not attitudes. Thanks for sharing your own experience on this 🙂

  2. Awesome episode. I thought it was very well done and although I am Canadian, I’m sure the scenarios with our military are very similar and it gave me a lot to think about.
    I’m sure many would potentially be uncomfortable with some of the things mentioned in this episode but at the same time I felt like it needed to be said “So you are ok with being shot at but you don’t want a gay guy to see your dick in the shower?”
    I identify as a heterosexual male but I really could care less who sees my junk, its not really an issue for me. That being said I know that my beliefs are not those of everyone and I still really enjoyed this episode and look forward to the next one.

    • I’m totally with you on that Johnny. To try understanding that dynamic I attempt to put myself in the head-space of someone born and raised on the gay hate of the Sexual Dark Age. Tragically, for a large segment of Americans, getting shot at is indeed less disturbing than being in the shower with a gay guy. It’s a fucking travesty, but that’s how a lot of people are raised.

  3. JV

    My wife and I have been listening since Episode #3 and we have learned and enjoyed your comments, but as non-US-citizens we think you should have marked this Episode Sexual-Dark-Age-026-Gays-In-The-US-Military.mp3. You seem to be a very well spoken man but I do recommend you look into the unique cultures of your international customers or suffer the ills of many of the US arrogant peoples.

    Keep up the good work

    Aladane & Tweety

    • Hey guys,

      Perhaps I could have done more to stress that we were talking specifically about the U.S. Military. We did talk a little in the interview about how the U.S. seems to be the only industrialized nation that struggles with these issues, and unfortunately I haven’t (yet) had the opportunity to talk to someone who’s served in the military of a more enlightened nation. Frankly it seems like the rest of the civilized world has done a much better job of getting their shit together on the topic (not the only place we lag behind socially), and I’d jump at the opportunity to do a counterpoint interview with the right person. I’ll see what I can do about some more thorough disclaimers in the future, and thanks for listening 🙂

  4. I found the speaker claimed he was all for diversity but as he talked further seemed like he felt gays have no place in the army. I thought the army was supposed to be a team working together towards the same goal. I think if he’s so worried about sharing a room with a gay guy maybe he has some issues with his own sexuality and has some shades of grey there. Having a gay roommate won’t turn the straight guy gay if that’s what they are worried about. How full of himself is he to assume he is being “checked out etc” and that the guy guy will not take no for an answer????? Does he really think a gay guy can’t control himself in the showers either. Does he never strip to see a female doctor and realize she’s probably not attracted to him as its her job and you separate private life from work life. The military has had a reputation for having sexual assaults happen all over the military but he’s concerned with gay military men???

  5. I just listened to this episode and I disagree fundamentally with his argument. As a gay man myself, your guest seems to be under the misguided belief that gay men are physically or sexually attracted to ANY male. I can assure you this is NOT the case.

    Just like straight guys we have types. Also when in a work situation it’s quite easy to turn off that part of your brain which finds people you’re around attractive.

    What if someone didn’t like a rookie of a particular cultural background ie a racist? How would the commander deal with that? It’s the same situation..:

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