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It is with no small amount of annoyance with myself that I do this, but I’ve got to take the show back to bi-weekly, at least for a while. If you all remember ‘way back when’ my intention was to do shows in the off-weeks when possible and still technically be bi-weekly.

Being a weekly show for almost six months has been great for the podcast overall, but I’m busy as hell these days and it’s just not realistic for me to keep up on weekly shows at the moment. I thought I’d get by with changing the release day to Monday, but that just shifted things around and didn’t really solve the problem: too many things to do and working crazy hours at the endeavor that pays the bills. I’m scheduled so tight that literally one little thing going wrong with anything ends up throwing my whole operation for a loop.

Lately I’ve been feeling like I’m racing through prep for each episode, and I’m starting to feel like quality will suffer if I don’t face up to the fact that I need some cushion. I’m also in the process of writing another novel, this time one that’s been requested by an editor who recently bought one of my short stories. That doesn’t guarantee it’s getting published, but it gives me a hell of a good chance.

Thus, I’m going to actually do what I intended to do back in November. The show is bi-weekly, and it will probably be something more like three shows a month, but if you expect new episodes every couple of weeks instead of weekly you won’t be disappointed. Shara and I thank you all for your continued support, and we look forward to the years of work ahead of us in our attempt to end the sexual dark age.


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  1. thank you for the amazing show so far & i look forward to the same quality and education as always.. love the show & telling everyone i know 🙂

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