Episode 29 | Swinging Part 1

Episode 29 | Swinging Part 1

This time we’re joined by Cooper and Ginger from Life on the Swingset to have a fun conversation about the joys ethical non-monogamy.  In fact, we were having so much fun that we didn’t get to half the topics we wanted to discuss, so we’ll be reconvening our foursome to finish the interview in a couple weeks for Swinging Part 2.

Some of the issues we cover in this episode include: How to safely and comfortably dip a toe into swinging when you’ve got no idea if it’s right for you, jealousy and how to make it a non-issue, avoiding common newbie mistakes, swinger parties for beginners, cock size, how to go about finding your first swinging playmates online or in real life, and the straight story on how swingers view body types in relation to choosing playmates.

Remember to post or email if you have any questions or requests for Swinging Part 2!

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  1. Curiouskity May 3, 2011 at 10:03 am · · Reply


    I think this episode was very interesting, informative and fun. I like learning new things and hearing other peoples point of view on topics that concern me.

    Some day I hope to not have jealousy issues like you J.V or Cooper. So I will just keep working on the triggers and using the suggestions that I heard on your show today.

    I do beleive that it is ingrained in us that we ‘should’ feel jealous, ‘should’ react this way to a situation instead of being taught how to live life and not how we ‘should’.

  2. It was an interesting episode; I’d like to personally comment on how it was refreshing for you to take on the role of a host instead of arguably a man in a soapbox (although justified to be there).

    I think monogamy has been ingrained in some of our minds since birth, perhaps even reinforced by a clever parent who reminded us some type of birds who only take on one mate in an attempt to romanticize all of it. However, this episode made me realize something as a person who favors monogamy even after realizing it’s been forced upon him since day one. Just because you’re enjoying sex with other people, doesn’t mean you can’t have that one person who is your wife.

    What I mean by that is, and I’m risking some generalizations here, I think most monogamists will agree that what they really want is someone that they have a stronger mental, emotional, and sexual connection to then anyone else. That in itself doesn’t mean the couple can’t have weaker sexual connections, weaker mental or emotional ones, or a combination of the three to some extent, and if your connection is as strong as you should claim it to be, then there shouldn’t be any cause for jealousy or concern in the first place.

    On the flip side of things I would imagine polygamy to be a group of people who are simply ok with having connections that are the same strength amongst different people.

    Regardless of any of that, it was eye opening to realize that just because I want to have that deep powerful connection to that one person, it doesn’t mean she’s not allowed to have friends (or emotional and mental connections). Obviously a sexual connection is a little more intimate and a little more dangerous, and so should be a couples decision together, but if they want it, there shouldn’t be any negative connotations against, which I may have had had I not listened in.

    • It was nice to take the interviewer’s role. I’ve done it twice so far, and I like the change up in dynamics for the show. I’m intending to do interviews more regularly whenever the topic would benefit from it, and I’m looking forward to doing more.

      Thanks as always for the incisive post.

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