GOP Governer Outlaws All Local LGBT Rights Laws Statewide

We have another fuckwad politician blowing out candles in the sexual dark age. How can we still be going backwards?

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GOP Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam today signed the bill overturning Nashville’s non-discrimination ordinance. The bill also effectively outlaws all local LGBT rights laws statewide as it bans any discrimination protections not already offered by the state. It was strongly opposed by several major corporations following a letter-writing campaign launched by Americablog Gay.


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  1. With more and more surveys, studies, and polls coming out showing increasing support for LGBT rights, including equal marriage, how long can the GOP and the South in general go on pretending that change is not on the way? All they have done is show themselves as fucking ignorant savages that are blind to the fact that they love the sticks up their asses so much it’s gayer than a eight man orgy on the gay side of Bourbon St. And that’s pretty fucking gay. Maybe if they’d stop pissing on everyone else they’d realize that all they’re doing is humiliating themselves in front of the world, and in the eyes of history.

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