Despite what most of us are led to believe, there is nothing mysterious or elusive about the female orgasm. This is one of the many things you were probably never taught about sex, since you grew up in a society too afraid of it to have truly open dialogue on the subject.

Ending the Sexual Dark Age will guide you, a step at a time, to the healthy attitude towards sexuality that you would have been taught in a genuinely civilized world. From practical techniques to sexual philosophy, you’ll learn how to have better sex and more of it; in a friendly atmosphere that doesn’t demean or coddle.

As a matter of fair warning, I use blunt language with a “take no prisoners” style, and occasionally I say things that would make a sailor blush. You can call in to the show at 313-483-8563 and leave a message with any comments or questions you might have about anything relating to sexuality, email jvaltharas at gmail dot com, or post anywhere on this website.

Sexuality is one of the greatest adventures in human life. It’s time to step out from the shadow of a thousand years of sexual repression. It’s time to end the Sexual Dark Age of western civilization, and this project is my attempt to do my part.