Confessions of A Dirty Mind

I know a lot of you feel isolated when it comes to sexuality, especially if you have desires society doesn’t condone.

We try to promote honest, fun communication about sex, and I hope Shara and I also provide a good example. Sometimes just finding the courage to talk about it can be a challenge, but if you can muster that courage you can feel a huge weight lifted off your shoulders. The new page is there for you to shout from the rooftops through a cloak of anonymity. I encourage you, give it a shot.

See what it feels like to admit you’re a girl who likes girls and NOT get bashed for it. Admit you’re a guy who’d like his girlfriend to nail him with a strap on and get helpful suggestions instead of weird looks from buddies who are wondering if that makes you gay. It doesn’t, by the way.

I can assure you, because I’m really getting to know and be continually impressed with the quality of this show’s audience, that we can lend you some support even if nobody else will. My confessional offers no absolution, but only because you don’t need any. There’s no shame in acknowledging your desires, and you can admit them without acting on them.

So, especially to those of you listening from places where sexual openness can get you killed, feel free to reach through the curtain of the Dark Age and join us on this page to confess the contents of your dirty mind while your name tag says “anonymous.” I bet you feel better in the morning.