Episode 13 | Advice Line: Taking Virginity, Managing Two Subs In A Threesome, Sexual Piercings

Episode 13 | Advice Line: Taking Virginity, Managing Two Subs In A Threesome, Sexual Piercings

Topics include taking virginity, managing two submissives in a threesome, Prince Alberts and whether piercings in general improve sexual stimulation.



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  1. On the topic of piercings:
    I am a proud owner of two hood piercings which I like very much and for any ladies who are considering it, I can tell you it’s nothing to be afraid of. It was a relatively intense piercing but healed rapidly and I’ve never had a problem with them since.

    As far as Prince Albert piercing… I’ve had a couple partners who had them and it does absolutely nothing regarding female sensation. However, I have enjoyed male piercings that were located either on the scrotum or at the base of the shaft on top. Basically a piercing that results in clitoral contact whether face up or face down, is worlds above a piercing that ends up inside my vagina. Honestly, with all the complications that can occur with a PA, I don’t know why anyone would get one!

    • On the scrotum piercings, are you talking about the horizontal barbells or rings? I’ve seen both on other guys so I’m especially curious which ones do the job for you.

      I agree on the PA complications as well. I’m not really a piercing guy, but that would be pretty low on my list even if I was. With so many perfectly safe places to pierce, it just seems unnecessarily reckless.

  2. Thanks for replying to my questions. Lots of good suggestions. I have spend a little time alone with the third. It was Kity’s idea and she was out with a friend at the time. Kity said that it wasn’t as bad as she thought it would be. They are spending some time alone with each other. They haven’t played on their own yet but they have have my permission to go for it if they want. I’ll keep reinforcing that Kity is important and isn’t going to be replaced by the other girl.

    We’ve told my parents, Kity’s sisters, and all of my and Kity’s friends about being poly. Only a couple people have reacted badly but some have been way more positive about it then we expected. Our third has only told a couple people about us. We already invited our third for Christmas dinner. My parents know she’s more than a friend but we’re just going to let the rest of my family think she’s just a friend.

    I like the idea of sending them on a weekend together. Kity has been having some girly time with the third on her own but would like to have a few sleepovers too.

    I’m told by Kity and a few other girls that my tongue ring is great. Getting it done wasn’t bad but waiting 8 weeks for it to be totally healed before going down on a girl again kind of sucked. One recommendation I can make for other people who get one is to replace the metal jewlery with plastic after you’re healed. The plastic is more comfortable and doesn’t ruin your teeth. My dentist doesn’t even need me to take it out for x-rays.

    Kity had a breast reduction and lost a lot of sensation she got her nipples pierced and got a lot of the sensation back. She can now cum from tit fucking. Its really hot to have her cum with my cock between her tits.

  3. Alright, so I’m going back and working my way through the catalog…

    Listening to y’all talk about the situation that EyesWideOpen was/is in brought to mind something that I’ve been curious about for a long time. What is it about sexually confident, independent women that makes men run and hide these days? Does society teach young men that these sorts of women are either uptight frigid women that are incapable of letting loose or just lesbians that they will never get anyway?

    Admittedly, I’m married now to a wonderful man who can put me in my place, but dammit, even he still gets intimidated once in a while. I never had much of an issue finding casual playmates in my earlier years, but finding a good quality relationship was very difficult. I’ve always known what my boundaries are, and I’ve never been shy about stating them in bed. Maybe I was just being too forward with people who were too inexperienced. Being a bisexual and having had this same issue with women, I can see where it comes from, but I just don’t understand this part of the male mind.

  4. Regarding Andrea, I think he should talk to her and discuss the idea of being ready rather than putting a time line on it. If the connection is there why should one need to wait a certain time just because it’s the “norm”? I hope this helps.

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