Episode 3 | Meet The Female Orgasm: Fake Orgasms, Women Who Can’t Climax, Orgasm Denial

Episode 3 | Meet The Female Orgasm: Fake Orgasms, Women Who Can’t Climax, Orgasm Denial

This episode covers a range of topics closely tied to the female orgasm; starting with why fake orgasms are the worst idea anyone has ever had…EVER…and continuing through the communication issues that lead to faking in the first place and how to use orgasm denial to intensify climaxes.


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  1. I just got done listening to this awesome podcast and I LOVED IT!!! (“Underlined, italicized, period, and exclamation point.” 🙂 Haha!) I love the idea of having (FUN) homework! I am crossing my fingers that my hot-hunk-of-a-man, as well as myself, will get good grades! Please please PLEASE keep up the fantastic work!!! And THANK YOU!!!! You are great!!!

  2. “I like where this is going” heh heh

    It does not surprise me in the least to hear that you have had a sizable response to these podcasts. The “Fuck Tits Cock Pussy Cum” approach is refreshing, well-suited and — well, hilarious at the same time. I’m calling it now: if you keep this up the response will be tremendous. This is “top-shelf” sex-ed material for open-minded adults, in both content and execution (delivery isn’t too shabs, either!). I doubt I’ll be alone in pointing almost every freakin’ person I know under this sun in your direction.

    It’s wonderful to hear simple, distilled nuggets of truth such as (paraphrasing) “great sex centers around the female orgasm,” because I’ve long been a champion for this way of thinking around fellow straight guys/couples and have caught plenty of shit for it. However, fucking women ten years my senior as a young man made this abundantly clear! (Thanks due to my earliest restaurant jobs. I couldn’t have done it without you!)

    So, J.V., I lift my finest adult beverage in your direction. Thanks and looking forward to more.

    • Thanks kmoney, download stats really started exploding with episode four, and I’m thrilled to have the show developing such a big following so quickly.

      I raise a mug back in your direction, sir.

  3. I’m kind of listening to these out of order here… I really love the “show” and look forward to listening to each one. As far as this topic goes I have faked it before but most of the time I don’t need to. I get off via clitoral stimulation or anal sex. The first time I squirt was when we had anal sex and even though I don’t do that much anymore I do have to say that other than being eaten out (or using a vibrator) that is the most intense orgasm for me. My current “playmate” enjoys trying to please me and has been open to learning. He doesn’t listen to the podcasts but he already has amazing talents… 😉

    By the way one of the best things ever is for a guy to go down on you and let you reach the big “O” and then fuck you! For some reason after the first, no matter, how intense that one was, the next ones are more intense and come quicker in my experience.

    • I’ve always liked jumping inside mid-orgasm, and I’ve always had the same results…almost always another orgasm for her really quickly. I’ve known a few women who couldn’t normally come from penetration that could actually get off once or twice from cock as long as it was building on a clitoral orgasm, so that’s something I need to remember to mention on the show one of these days 🙂

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