Homework | Playing with Orgasm Denial

As described in Episode 3, your assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to experiment with orgasm denial as a method of intensifying the female orgasm.

Girls, even if you do this assignment with your man, make sure you do it again alone for extra credit 🙂

Hopefully some of you are ready to start playing along at home.


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  1. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but more homework please.

  2. JV we did twice, in two nights, going down to my wife and made her come. I tried some pain in her nipples but afterwards she complained that I did too hard.
    Her comments were that the pleasure she felt coming and licking like crazy was phenomenal.

    • You get an “A” 😉

      Sometimes actually squeezing nipples isn’t the right option, especially if hers are particularly sensitive. Next time try rolling them between your fingers gently, then squeezing just a tiny bit at a time to see where it turns into “bad pain” for her. Once you know where that limit is you’ll be able to get even better results.

  3. I love the homework assignment! I not only had to tell my man what I wanted and how, but fulfilled his fantasy of having a dominating woman, even if I was only mildly dominating. Who knew?! The orgasm denial did give me the most amazing rapid fire orgasms I have ever experienced.

  4. I come when my nipples are pinched any other distraction ideas?

  5. I have never experienced an orgasm. I try the homeowrk alone since I am unpartnered. But found the only way to feel anything was to use intense vibrations. usully from a hitatchi, and that it wouldn’t build it would be more nothing nothing, then quick lucky 2 second of feeling but no orgasm. I’m not sure how to allow myself to feel anything down there. I have been told by many a guy that my body responds but my brain blocks all sensations. I only feel pain. what is wrong and how can I fix this.

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