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I’m now all hooked up on a couple of the most popular social networking sites. Now that I can see the show starting to build a strong following, I’d like to let listeners connect with me a little more easily. Feel free to friend, follow or just give a shout with anything related to sexuality or the show.

I’ll be sharing some random madness and amusing links, as well as updates on the show and my various websites, and I’d love to see you around.

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  1. I think you show is the best. Being a woman from Central America, trying to understand relationships, sex, marriage, etc. your thoughts bring a lot of light in understanding men.
    Some topics I would love to hear about: sex toys, swinging.
    Personally I have enjoyed all the shows since it is great to hear such a different and upfront perspective from a guy.
    Keep podcasting!

    • Thanks Gis, it’s always a pleasure to hear I’m helping men be less mysterious to women. We’re a lot simpler than women usually think, which causes a lot of confusion 🙂

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