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In Episode 4 I introduced the first PornoGlyph, which is now the logo of Ending The Sexual Dark age.  I’ll be talking more about these symbols as time goes on, but the short version is that they’re a way to inject a little sexuality into everyday life, without anyone realizing it unless they’re either in the loop or twisted enough to “get it.”  I’ve got big plans for these little symbols, so stay tuned 🙂


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  1. I dig the pornoglyphs. Perhaps way out in the distant future we the audence can help make some? Like as part of a contest for toys or as a homework assignment (I.e do the suggestions given, leave a comment and or pornogliph of the homework on the site).

    • That’s a great idea ninjah. I’m working up to offering T-shirts and other gear with the pornoglyphs on them. I have another half-dozen or so designed already, so maybe after I get those released I can do an audience contest and offer a free T-shirt to the winner with their design on it; or something like that.

      I’m all about getting the audience involved in the show, and that would be a fun way to go about it.

  2. Just discovered your show a few weeks ago and am having a blast catching up. My favorite line so far comes from this episode: “The leprechaun better suck cock.”

    Your days as a DJ are paying off in that you’ve got a voice and persona for radio. So many other podcasters sound like they’re just making nasal farts into a microphone. (“Yeah, well, I kinda, sorta, maybe think…”)

    Awesome work. Thanks for helping to spread the word that sex–when it’s done well–is good thing.

  3. reasontofight April 4, 2012 at 2:19 am · · Reply

    love these…and the show.
    keep on keepin’ on !
    canada loves you !

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