Homework | Improving Male Stamina

Primarily for the guys this time; your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to experiment with improving your stamina by trying one or two of the methods described in Episode 4. Of course, if you don’t have access to a stunt pussy to practice on, you are excused.

When you’re done, I strongly encourage you to leave a comment on this post regarding what you tried and how it worked out for you. I’d like to raise the level of sexual discourse in general, and the best place for me to start that project is right here at home.


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  1. J.V.

    Love the show!!! I started downloading your shows about two weeks ago and the improvement in the bedroom has been awesome! Here is my problem; my Fiancée has told me she fantasizes about getting banged by two guys preferable me and some other guy or even just banging some other dick at some point in life. I have tried to get my self to be ok with this but can’t. I have told her that I am open to have kinky play where we could watch other people or even do a little light group activity but I do not like the idea of her fucking someone else and I find it a hug turn off.

    I don’t care if she fantasizes about it but I cannot bring myself to say I am cool with fulfilling this fantasy for her. She is not trying to run out and do this any time soon but the fact of the mater is she still wants this. I am trying not to make this a big deal in our relationship but there is a huge part of me that can’t and will not agree to allow this to happen. I don’t want to try to repress her sexual feelings or make her think she is wrong for felling this way but it is a big enough deal for me that I would consenter ending our relationship if this is something she truly wants and needs.

    Bottom line is I don’t want to share my pussy with any other dick. Please give me your thoughts on this as I am really trying to work this out with her and in my own head.

    Once again love the show and would like to know what you and Shara think on my dilemma. Keep up the great work and thank you for everything.

    P.S. I have not told my girl I have been listening to the show and I have just been blowing her mind in bed when I make her cum 2 – 3 time in one fucking session. She thinks I am taking Viagra or something….LOL


    • Hey KC,

      There aren’t any short, quick answers here, but we’ll talk about this on Listener Mail 8 in a couple weeks (should be episode 25). I think we can definitely get you moving in a positive direction and get your girl thinking you’re on more than Viagra 😉

  2. J.V.
    I started listening to the show last week and have loved every minute of it. I didn’t tell my wife about listening to the show for the first few days I just used method of just stop fucking. I would stop fucking and start to suck on her tits or I would just slow way down and take much longer stokes. My wife finally asked me what I was doing after a very nice session with 4 orgasms and I explained what I was doing and got some good input from her on what she would like from me as far as what kind of rhythm she enjoys. In the end she told me that I didn’t kneed to last longer as she is more that satisfied with what she gets and that lasting much longer would be uncomfortable for her.

  3. Listened to your first few podcasts in the last few days with my girlfriend, really enjoying them so thanks and keep up the good work, although we didn’t exactly do the homework assignment, after listening to this episode I made my girl cum from oral(usually some mechanical help is required)for the first time ever (been together over a year)

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