Episode 6 | Advice Line: Getting Over Shyness To Talk About Sex With Your Lover

Episode 6 | Advice Line: Getting Over Shyness To Talk About Sex With Your Lover

A quickie bonus episode covering listener mail and comments, upcoming topics on the show, and a bit of advice for a particularly shy listener who wants to learn how to get up the guts to have honest conversations about sex with a playmate. I also introduce my submissive Shara for the first time on the show.



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  1. StrangeBird October 9, 2010 at 7:22 pm · · Reply

    Thanks for addressing my comments directly! I feel so special! The story-telling idea is a good one, and honestly, I think I’ll use it [the story itself is also really funny]. Your dialogue with your partner was enlightening, and inspiring.

    And for fuller disclosure, I am in fact a lady.

    I am really interested in hearing about toys for couples; because I can ONLY get off with a vibrator, and I’m too afraid to stress this to my partner and get him to use it with me—I’m afraid he’ll think I’m telling him he’s not good enough (and he’s already pretty concerned with trying to get me there with his own elbow-grease and good work-ethic—to no avail). I say this because I mentioned the toy once before, in a HUGE effort of boldness, and even showed it to him, but he was a little nervous and didn’t seem to take a hint that I might like to use it with him. Now I’m afraid to talk about stuff with him in case I could totally freak him out—like, “since you don’t cut it, we’re gonna need to bring in some back-up.” So maybe you could address this issue in your episode on toys? Would be really helpful.

    PS: your shame-game episode was good. It was a little bit different than what I was expecting—I guess I was hoping a little bit more for some social shame issues–beyond the relgious stuff– especially as relating to body-image, gender, taboo, porn, etc.

    • You’re welcome, it was nice to be able to address a listener’s issues directly and I’m hoping to be able to do more of that in the future.

      Your concerns about bringing up toys with your man are very common, and a lot of different factors play into a guy’s hesitation to embrace using toys with his playmate. As you already suspect, intimidation about “needing backup” is on of the big ones. You’ll be happy to know that will be a big focus of the show on toys, because it’s really a sweeping disconnect between men and women. I’ll be trying to help the guys see that it’s actually in their best interest to involve a little technology, and explain why there’s no reason to feel intimidated.

      Shame is an underlying sexual issue for most people, and I’ll be touching on it in the future as it relates to all the other topics I cover, so you’ll definitely hear about shame in relation to the topics you mentioned and more.

      Thanks for listening, and for stopping by again 🙂

  2. J.V.

    I applaud your integrity, Mulligan granted

  3. So you’re open to talking about any aspect of human sexuality.

    Please discuss the attraction and moral dilemma adult humans have towards younger humans who have hit pubescence (and often sexual awareness) but are not considered ‘legal’ in the US. For example the female teachers ‘molesting’ her young teenage students, or just a general example of an adult male attracted to a lolita.

    I’d be interested to hear what your enlightened opinion has towards this, and if you think there should / is shame involved.

    Really enjoying your show sir!

  4. Hello;

    I am a female that is wondering your view and experiences on threesomes; 2 girls and a guy. I have had a couple before and it was good. Sometimes though I find it hard not to wonder if the other women is better than me at things that I know I do well. I want to be able to please both partners without having that in my head at times.

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