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That’s right boys and girls, your homework assignment for Episode 7 is to make sure you get off at least once a day for the next two weeks, either with help from a friend or by taking things into your own hands. I can virtually guarantee that your entire outlook on life will improve.

For extra credit, the more intrepid among you should ask your playmates if they’d like to watch you work it on your own. You certainly don’t have to do it, but the conversation may be enlightening.

If you dare, comment here afterward to let us know how things came out with the assignment.


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  1. do I get extra credit for more than 40 years of all this fun activity??

  2. I just listened to this episode and I wanted to tell you about this thing that I started doing a couple years ago. Some of my really conservative co-workers had decided to start this thing called No-Fap February which is when you don’t masturbate AT ALL during February. I thought it was ridiculous so I decided to turn No-Fap February into Fapuary which is where you masturbate at least once every single day of February. I’ve been doing it for 3 years now and the only way to describe it is fabulous.

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