Episode 9 | Advice Line: Curing Prostatitis, Masturbation Problems, Introducing Kink To Your Bedroom

Episode 9 | Advice Line: Curing Prostatitis, Masturbation Problems, Introducing Kink To Your Bedroom

Listener comments and questions covering another health benefit resulting from guys burping the worm on a regular basis, advice for a girl who can only climax with a man and can’t get herself off, a guy coping with a dead relationship, and some tips on introducing BDSM to a historically vanilla sex life.



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  1. Once again I’m in love with this podcast! Can you be both a sub and a dom? You covered so much in this episode that I’m trying to figure out how to respond…
    Point 1- Personally, I’m more of a sub but the idea of being a dom excites me.
    Point 2- I am a squirter as well. For me I’m loud during sex but then come the orgasm I’m quiet most of the time. The orgasm comes first usually comes first and then the squirt. And yes it feels different. If I use a vibrator I can cum and orgasm quite a bit too (multiple times) very quickly. I can’t or haven’t yet cum with a man inside me but with one eating me out OMG! I could drown a man! The first I squirt we were having anal sex and I was freaked. I don’t do that anymore (complications) but it can give me some of the most intense orgasms!!

    And for the record I too like kink.com . I found it through pornhub.com which I also enjoy. For kinky people there is also brazzers.com but you have to pay for it.

    Thank you for this and I will continue promote it! I look forward to this every week!

    • Thank you Amanda for the other website :-)~~~~ ! I’m with you on the eating me out..lol…love a man inside of me but OMG too when he is eating me out.

      I may have forgotten to mention on the “free” part at kink.com…go to the bottom right…don’t click on preview..click on enter to get you where you want to be faster!

    • Hey Amanda,

      You can definitely be both Dom and sub, and many people are to one extent or another. Within the lifestyle they’re referred to as “switches,” since they like to switch between Dom and sub. I’ll have to force you to wait for me to get into the BDSM episodes for grand detail, but it’s a very common position. In fact, plenty of people who identify is Dom or sub have some tendencies leaning in the other direction, just not strong enough to act on them; so being “mostly sub” certainly doesn’t rule out some time holding the flogger for you 😉

      If you wouldn’t mind sharing the nature of your complications with anal (via email or whatever to remain anonymous if you choose) I’d like to put your experience in the file for when I get to “Anal” as a show topic. There are various reasons women who really enjoy it might stop, and I want to catch as many as possible on that episode. Thanks as always for sharing, your comments reflect the same kind of openness I try to bring to the table and they’re always a pleasure to read.

  2. I think someone needs to go shopping! Please post pix of whatever you purchase.


  3. My wife and i have a long standing tradition that we started shortly after we started dating. We make it a point to stop by the local sex shop every time we go on one of our frequent “one or two day getaways.” its been a lot of fun. We always remember where and when we bought “that thing.” We have bought many different items, from dildos in many sizes and shapes, masturbaters to various different novelties. and trust me, we have gone “out on a limb” a time or two. some were great, some not so much. point being, It has been fun and has prompted lots of experimentation. Our lines have always been open and comfortable and this tradition has made it even better. I would encourage anyone else to make this a tradition of theirs as well.

    And by the way, “create a mate,” was a lot of fun to make. a little advise, buy an extra pack of the molding powder, you’ll screw it up the first time. AND READ the directions. the times are critical!!!

    • Excellent, thanks for the tip on making repro-cocks. I’ve looked closely at the packaging and always been suspicious of success on the first try; which is why I haven’t forked over the moderately expensive cost to make one.

      • like i said, it was a lot of fun. you have to juggle a lot to get it right. like i said, times are absolutely critical, and the funnest part is having her keep you “in tip top shape” for best results as you try to focus on the mixtures. its a testament to your ability to multi task. lol.

        Another point of interest, you mentioned in an episode that it is difficult to see yourself as others do. this takes care of that issue. it can make a guy feel pretty good. “damn, i am that big!! lol

        your right they are a bit pricey. shop around on the internet. think we paid about 80 bucks. worth it. loads of fun.

  4. BDSM, i would be interested in finding more information on this topic. can you let me know a reputable site that does not come with the garden variety computer virus, just some straight forward information, not just a barrage of videos?

    • I’ll take a look around and find a good site or two for you before the next listener mail episode. Good informational sites come and go (and sometimes get taken over by less than scrupulous people) so I’ll do some checking from behind my nice fat firewall before rattling off domain names.

  5. Wow I was the first voice mail message?! Yay

    Thankyou for responding to my message, I’ve never really expressesed my intrest in bdsm out loud before so it was surprisingly difficult to spit my question out.
    I indeed have intrest in being a sub and I have a guy currently who I’ve noticed likes being dom but its like we both are just waiting for the other person’s okay.
    So I’ll be taking all of your advice and putting it to practice and will update my progress.

    Thanks again

    P.s I FULLY ENDORSE TAKING YOUR LADY DILDO SHOPING, a girl can never have too many 😉

    • I also have a quick question; since there was some talk of porn I was wondering if there was any way to have a wall or section part of the site where all of us could recomend sites?
      Its hard to find porn to watch on the phone and evern harder to find sites that have a ton of computer sti’s aka viruses. Which is how my first laptop died. First time watching henti porn and the next thing I know my laptop was wiping its own memory.

      • I have a porn link directory called Fetish Philes that you can check out. To be honest I haven’t been giving it enough love lately and there are some dead links, but you’ll get a virus-free experience. There are around 5000 free video and picture pages listed across a broad range of categories. You can also check out Link-o-Rama for a list that’s more aggressively maintained. I’ve known Green Guy for years and he runs a top notch operation. Like most of us link list owners, he doesn’t link to anything that exploits surfers.

    • Cool, then it sounds like you’re good to go. Have fun, be safe, and remember that you have all the time in the world. Shara and I will be going shopping again very shortly 🙂

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