Homework | Going Down and Cleaning Up

Girls, your homework for Episode 10, should you have a stunt cock available, is to give your man a surprise blowjob, expecting and allowing nothing to be done to you in return. Extra credit is available if you wake him up with surprise head.

Guys, your homework is to take some time to manage your pubes properly, as described in the episode.

If you dare, comment on this post when you’ve done your homework and let the rest of us know how it worked out.


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  1. This last weekend my boyfriend and I played a fun new game in which I gave my man three minutes of oral every hour on the hour. The “rules” stated that it didn’t matter what we were doing, we needed to drop everything and find somewhere to drop trou as soon as the alarm went off. This resulted in a couple instances of road head, a chilly hummer behind some bushes in the park and two “wake me up” blow jobs during the day.

    We plan to try different variations of this game in the future including one in which we start out with fifteen minutes of head and every hour reduce that time by one minute. Ultimately it was a ton of fun, a little risky and my man has been wearing a shit-eating grin for two days (as if he doesn’t get plenty of blow jobs under normal circumstances).

    Love the podcast, keep up the good work!

    P.S. Something that you didn’t really make a point to say during your pole smoking episode was that women shouldn’t be afraid to be sloppy with the spit! I was always very neat about it until I had a guy that kept demanding that I get it wetter! I honestly had no idea that men were in no way concerned about us girls drooling ALL OVER their crotches! As soon as I learned this important tip, my skill improved over night.

    • I’d just like to point out that every guy has different preferences, but one thing I can’t stand is a girl literally spitting while giving a blowjob. I have no issues with her intentionally being clean, or intentionally being sloppy, but when they stop what they’re doing just so they can spit on it.

      It just doesn’t make any fucking sense. However you probably meant something entirely different.

      See various porn videos for reference.

      • Very true gib, a lot of guys aren’t too fond of that, including myself. It’s something often done for lube during hand jobs, but then I’ve never been fond of hand jobs either.

    • Your game sounds like a blast, and Shara and I have been doing something vaguely similar for a long time. I’ll be talking about it on Listener Mail 3 🙂

  2. Hi I just wanted to second the recommendation for Nair for guys. I’ve been using it for about 8 years now and the results are great and after nicking my balls with an electric once I’ll never bring one of those near there again.

    • My Only regret is that it took me so long to get around to trying it.

    • JV,,,,If it takes you 15 min to shave your cock and balls you are doing ti WAAAY wrong. IT takes no longer to shave cock and balls than it takes to shave your face AND it must be shaved each and every day just like your face!!!

      Some folks cannot tolerate chemical balls so here is an improvement on your shave process (I am an expert while in college and during my hiatus from college – I worked in a job where I shaved guys asses and balls 4 days a week for the better part of 5 years to get them ready for surgery)
      Shaving Pussy was my “chore” at Leather Retreat one year!!

      Proper procedure:
      Buy one of the 3 bladed disposables with the lube strip.

      if you are a first timer trim as close as possible with scissors or JV’s beard trimmer [these bite big time and hurt like hell if you are not careful]

      Take your shower first,

      Stand by the sink and spread a handful of water on your cock and balls. NOTE: DO NOT USE SHAVE CREAM – it it too slippery and you are more likely to slice your dick when it slides out of your fingers.

      Wet your razor’s lube strip under the tap for a few seconds.

      Grab your cock by the head and stretch fully. (sorry JV you don’t need a full willy to get a good shave) Just pull it taught and carefully slide your razor from just under the head to the base in one smooth stroke. Rinse your razor and repeat as necessary to complete the shaft,

      The scrotum is more difficult but he technique is similar:
      refresh the splash and rinse your razor. Grab the scrotum at the center point at the lower part of your scrotum and stretch as far as you can comfortably. The run your razor from that point and bring the blade back to your body. Repeat as necessary. To get the center line done properly just slide your grip the side a bit and shave off the hair you didnd get.

      The trick to prevent shave bumps it to shave each and every day.

      Sounds like I need to to a “u-Tube” video for you eH?

      • Thanks for the expert testimony, sir 🙂 I’m all about sharing my experiences, but I’ll never claim to have the best answers on everything. One great part of this project is how much I learn myself interacting with listeners, and sharing stuff like this with the rest of the audience. I never even tried shaving without shaving cream because of the sensitivity factor, but the cream is definitely the reason for the slip-n-slide. I still get better results on the shaft hairs with a semi than fully soft,

        In all honesty, now that I’ve discovered how well Nair works for me I probably won’t ever shave again (except for the stubborn shaft hairs that Nair won’t deal with), but I’ll be mentioning your method in Listener Mail 5 since it sounds like a definite improvement over what I was doing for years. And if there’s a tube site that wouldn’t pull an instructional video, I’ll direct every guy I know to it 🙂

  3. This was a fun homework assignment! I came home at 4am from work and surprised my husband with a blow job. You were right that he wouldn’t mind getting up in the middle of the night for a blow job! 🙂 One comment on blow jobs… you had said there isn’t a reason between long time partners for a condom during a blow job. I can think of one…. I had a cold sore and really wanted to give my partner a blow job. The only safe way was with a condom. It wasn’t the best blow job out there, but at least I got to suck some cock and he knew that I loved it enough to come up with a way to still get the job done.

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