Episode 12 | Cunni Linguistics: How To Be Good At Licking Pussy And Why Shaving Improves Oral Sex

Episode 12 | Cunni Linguistics: How To Be Good At Licking Pussy And Why Shaving Improves Oral Sex

The art of eating at the Y is examined from several angles with a bunch of, tricks and ideas for newbies and connoisseurs. Included are the anatomy of a pussy (where you find the clit and how to make it happy), rythm and style, why a shaved pussy will probably get licked a lot more often and a sniff test that can save you from an awkward moment.

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  1. Ok–as a lady, let me comment about shaving and hair removal. J.V.A., you know I dig your comments most generally, but I have an issue what your comment in this show, where you say, “I just dont understand why ladies can shave their legs and arms but not their pussies.” And this is my response.

    For me, shaving is THE WORST. I have tried and tried, and inevitably, I get razor burn, ingrown hairs, and discomfort. I can’t imagine that red, pimply lady parts are much of an improvement, not to mention the problem of stubble. By the time the razor burn clears up, its stubbly again.

    Nair doesnt seem to get the job done for me either–it burns but can’t defeat the hair (and I’m pretty sensitive about getting that stuff so close to some VERY sensitive skin/openings). I leave it on the max time, and the hair won’t come off. I seem to have pubes of steel.

    Wax is the only authority that the hair will respond to, and that shit is PAINFUL, and messy (if you’re using the microwavable wax, which is the only kind which I find reliable). But its also really hard to wax yourself, for the issue of nooks and crannies (I truly sympathize with ballsac-shaving woes). So when trying to wax, you end up in all kinds of stretched positions, squatting, foot on the bathroom counter, trying to get all the skin taught, so that you can pour hot wax on yourself and rip the hair out by the root, at various intervals. In which case, I find its best to have a couple of beers first, for courage and anesthetic purposes.
    I’m too poor (and uncomfortable) to pay a stranger $75 to wax every hair out of my crotch for me. I find a yearly visit to the gyno uncomfortable enough, withOUT her ripping out my pubes.

    I really do understand that it must be rough going down there into a forest, but I think there should be sympathy for ladies (as well as men!) when it comes to not wanting to practice constant shaving/nairing. For some of us, its just really fucking uncomfortable! My solution has been to keep things meticulously trimmed back (to a fuzz if possible). I’ve found that this keeps things very clean and inviting. Also I think fewer hairs fall out that way.

    So the point of this was just for me to rant/complain about my defiantly hairy parts and options for taming. I would like to know what other listeners think about grooming for ladies (or men, if they also have problems with nair/razors/wax).

    That said, S.D.A. is a great show. And I certainly don’t care that its running long lately, keep it coming! I was inspired by the fellatio episode and my playmate is reaping the benefits–as am I! I find it really gets me turned on as foreplay (lucky for him–he doesn’t have to do anything!). And he used to be really shy about it, but now he LOVES it.

    Also, I really like Shara. Buy her a new toy! Maybe she could do a brief sex toy review on the show sometime (for the benefit of the listeners who are in the market). Of course, this would require that you buy her new toys regularly. It’s a good investment.

    • Strangebird I TOTALLY agree with your gripes with shaving. When my wife and I first got together she tried to do the whole shaving thing and she would have the same problems that you have described and then some. I really enjoy the fact that she doesn’t shave I think it makes her pussy more distinguished and mature. This may sound silly but I also like it cause it reminds me of all the old pornos in my dads secret stash from the 80’s that I used to get into when I was a kid.
      Now on a separate note at the pressure from my peers I made the almost fatal mistake of shaving myself 5 years back. I surprised my wife with it and she accused me of being with another woman because she did not tell me to shave nor did she want me to shave. This was a fight we had for a few weeks and was not a good time! So sorry JV I’ll have to join strangebird on this one.

      • No need to apologize Novastorm, the important thing is to know your playmate’s preferences. If you and your wife both like the full jungle then both of you get off easy in that part of the personal grooming department.

        Just to fulfill my role as devil’s advocate, the real issue with your shaving experiment was that it surprised your lady in a bad (for her) way.

        Some people, men and women, respond negatively and suspiciously to changes in their playmate’s sexual habits, because the Sexual Dark Age has taught them to assume that means cheating. Since I’ll be covering these comments in Listener Mail 5 I’ll put a note of caution out there as well.

    • I cosign Strangebird’s rant.
      and may I add I’ve tried twice and both times I felt like my pussy looked like it was wraped in chicken skin with those damn bumps.

      After much trial and error in the pube-care department, I’ve found that trimming works for me. I keep my lawn down under nicer than Hank Hill’s lawn on King of The hill.

    • I’ll get into this a little more on next week’s listener mail, but for the moment I’ll just say that you obviously made every reasonable effort to get your pubes totally cleaned up before deciding it just wasn’t practical for you. The comment you quoted was directed at those who just let the jungle grow wild with no consideration for the impact it may be having on their sex lives.

      Some people have particularly stubborn hair, and you happen to be one of them. “Neatly trimmed” will make most guys perfectly happy, especially if anything more requires heroic efforts on your part. Anyway, more on this next week 🙂

  2. I have to praise my husband and his efforts to make me enjoy my pussy being licked. I have always told him I don’t like it because it doesn’t do anything for me and usually hurts. While we were listening to this episode he took it as an excuse to try again. It took a long time and was mildly awkward at times, but it worked. 🙂 Yea!

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