Homework | Surprise Party At The Y

Guys, your homework this time around, should you have a stunt pussy to practice on, is to give your girl some random head. Out of the blue, just sit her down, spread her legs and have at it. For extra credit, keep your dick in your pants and let her stew for a while on the memory of a freebie head job…something women don’t tend to get a whole lot of.

Girls, your assignment, if you’re not doing it already, is to take some steps to cut back the bush. Leaving a creative patch of muff is just fine, but everything from the hood south needs to be smooth and clean. For extra credit, have someone else shave you.


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  1. JV, thanks for this week’s homework, the surprise meal at the Y. My wife and I are new listeners; started listening to episode #1 last week and we’re already all caught up. Anyways; now that we’re caught up we can start doing homework assignments—so we started with this one. To prep my wife I had to tell her, over pillow talk, that I wanted to do the homework assignment. She hadn’t heard the episode yet. She burst out with laughter when I commented that you said that girls think oral sex on them equates a dick in the pussy. She said it was so true. So I told her what I wanted to do and I promised my “dick would stay in my pants” (even though we sleep naked). I went down on her and we shared great, open teaching communication and she came within five minutes. I think there was a slight moment where she was expecting me to slide up into her but I just kissed her thighs for a few more seconds and then laid back on my pillow and finished our pillow talk. I even denied her when, after a few minutes, she reached over and tried to stoke me, telling her that “JV said I had to keep my dick in my pants”.
    We just want to thank you again. We gave you a shout out on Facebook, both ‘LIKED’ your page, left 5 stars on iTunes as well, but want you to know you’ve got two more very loyal fans.
    Thanks for your awesome homework assignments and don’t stop giving them to your loyal followers!!
    Paul & Maddie

    • It’s great to hear that you’re having fun with the homework. There aren’t a lot of people posting about it so I always wonder if it’s worth the time, but a post like this once in a while proves it is 🙂

      Thanks for the awesome review on iTunes, and I’ll do my best to keep you and Maddie entertained.

  2. This was a really fun assignment! I had never done this before and it was pretty nice to be selfless instead of selfish for once. I decided to take it a step further and turned it into a night of complete pampering for my wife. I let her stay out late doing Christmas shopping which she loves to do and I stayed home with the kids. When she came home I had dinner ready for her on the TV tray with her favorite shows lined up on the DVR. After dinner I got her a bowl of ice cream and then gave her a very thorough foot message for over an hour while we watched her favorite shows.

    I then took her to the bedroom and laid her down on the bed and gently undressed her and softly caressing and kissing all over her sexy body as I made my way to her clit. I gently teased her clit with my tongue and kissed her inner thighs as her body twitched and jerked from pure pleasure. After I made her cum I came up and kissed her on the lips and said how much of a wonderful wife she is. I then tucked her in and said goodnight. She was AMAZED because I had NEVER done that before. She couldn’t believe it and asked me what had gotten into me and if I hit my head. I then replied “I just wanted to give you a night of complete pampering and I wanted to make it all about you, and now I will go and masterbate and think of the great pleasure that I gave you.” After I said this she looked happier than she has ever been and fell asleep with a huge smile on her face 🙂

    • Outstanding, I’m really glad you decided to try this out (and it sounds like the wife is pretty happy too). This kind of thing falls under the category of “stuff nobody ever tells us we should be doing,” and I’d bet every woman on the receiving end of this homework will make sure to show some appreciation one way or another. Selflessly taking care of a playmate pays you back in spades over the long haul, but you can’t even play on this level unless you’ve demoted your dick.

    • Curiouskity January 5, 2011 at 8:07 am · · Reply

      Wow, that sounds like a wonderful night with your wife. You made it more than just a surprise. You pampered her in many ways and that is so very sweet and charming of you. This definitily falls under the category of “stuff nobody ever tells us we should be doing”.

  3. Well I finally got to surprise Kitty and our friend. Yesterday before Kitty’s Christmas party we were sitting on the couch and I pulled our friend to the edge of the couch pulled off he thong and lifted her skirt and then dove in. I did the same for Kitty once our friend had had enough.

    • Most excellent, I’m glad you took the time to try this and post about it. This homework assignment has gotten a lot of great feedback, and hopefully plenty of the audience is trying it but too shy to post.

  4. so considering how long i have been friends with you two it is funny to me that i am just now looking at your podcast.

    i have to say that i may be the lone dissenter and if K’ia tried to keep his dick in his pants after giving me head i may have to hold him down to get some. (this probably has JV laughing hysterically picturing it) for me head is never a finish. i can cum a few different ways while getting head but it is not the big O and it just leaves me frustrated and feeling like it didn’t finish. it is why He says i could never go full lesbian… i need a serious deep dicking.

    • Hey there 🙂

      Considering how many of my/our personal sexcapades you’ve been within earshot of (at least;)) over the years, I’m betting you’ll find the show especially entertaining. If you listen to this particular episode, I actually mention that for some women cock is absolutely mandatory after a nice long meal at the Y, and I know you happen to be one of them. Great to have you listening, Shara will be thrilled.

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