Episode 15 | Audio Erotica “Timing is Everything”

Episode 15 | Audio Erotica “Timing is Everything”

Something a bit different this time, as I read an original erotic short story for the audience.

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Read “Timing Is Everything” on TwistedErotica.com

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  1. wow. thats all.

  2. I remember reading this story and looking over on the other side of the page was the link to this shows first podcast.
    Its even better hearing it and I vote for more!

  3. You are quite the wordsmith, sir. I salute you.

    I’m not too sure about the Shakespearian voice, though. I’m not sure if it’s so ridiculous that it takes me out or if it’s so ridiculous it works.

    • Thanks Jay. That narration voice is something I developed for a project I did years ago, and I decided to play around with it as I started experimenting with audio fiction. I like that it easily separates character dialogue from the narrative and I’m going to use it on a couple more pieces in the near future, but I’m definitely up for feedback on how effective it is. I’m going to try it with some fantasy fiction, and I may end up reserving that voice for fantasy.

      Let me know if your opinion solidifies one way or the other after you hear the next one 🙂

  4. Just finished listening to this story. Now I want to modify the door mounted sex swing we got for Christmas to be restraints. Kitty and I actually got two of the swings for Christmas. Our friends know us so well. 😀

    • The first time I used over-the-door-straps it was at a hotel dungeon party and I MacGyvered them out of a couple leather leashes with knots about 8 inches down from the snap clip. I just hung them over the door to the adjoining suite with the knots on the far side and closed the door. This was before anyone there had ever seen the dedicated straps marketed, earning me a nice golf clap.

      The same thing can be done with silk scarves, but silk is so airy that it helps to tie the scarf around something on the back side of the door. Still, with a tight fitting door like you usually find on a hotel room double knots in the silk will do the job, it’s nice to have easy options for a variety of play when you’re traveling carry-on and don’t want to check bags just to take gear with you.

  5. darkage peasent January 11, 2011 at 9:12 pm · · Reply

    I am a peasent from the darkage, just barely coming into the light (think dim candel light). I really enjoyed your story. Please add this to your repetoire. Are there any good sites where I can find more?

  6. I enjoyed the hell out of your story JV. Pretty hot and bothered by the time I got home from work! I was amazed at the sexy tone of your reading voice too. Thanks for the story. I didn’t think I’d be “into” audio erotica but you proved me quite wrong.

  7. That was evil!
    I decided to listen to this episode as I was chilling before bed after a few drinks (catching up because I’m new to the site). I got so hot and bothered I started naughty texting a guy I like in another state.

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