Episode 16 | Advice Line: Health Issues With Ass-To-Pussy, Pussy Shaving Woes, Music And Sex, Hospital-Grade Ball Shaving

Episode 16 | Advice Line: Health Issues With Ass-To-Pussy, Pussy Shaving Woes, Music And Sex, Hospital-Grade Ball Shaving

Topics include health concerns regarding ass-to-mouth and ass-to-pussy musical holes, the difficulties some women have shaving their pussies, a method to shave balls used in hospitals for surgery-prep, and making music part of your sex play.
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  1. Shaving—I always shave against the grain – face, ball, and when available pussy. [yes this is against the conventioanl wisdom but I’ve been shaving my face of *a long time* and my balls for over 15 against the grain and my playmates love the feel.]

    The trick to keep the shave bumps down (beside JV’s Nair) is to shower or wash the parts completely then make sure the shaving water is as warm as can be tolerated, shave EVERYday. After a few days it will be as quick and easy as shaving your face or applying your makeup.

    If you only shave every few days you increase the risk of ingrown hairs d/t the way angled way the razor trims the hair. Curly hair can act like a corkscrew and wind into the skin if not shaved every day.

    there is no need for any “aftershave” but if you feel you are too dry you can always use a light layer of Extra Virgin Olive oil to retain the moisture. Brings to mind a cucumber salad for you vegetarians out there.

    for sex with a new partner be sure to use Safer sex precautions esp. if you nick yourself.
    Hope this helps.

  2. I was almost kicking myself thinking “damn I didn’t ask a question for the listener mail” but I was happy my shaving comment somehow got me in:)

    Happy new year and I can’t wait till the next episode!

    • The BDSM show is starting to get pretty “super sized,” so I may end up waiting til this weekend to finish it. An intro to such a broad topic is turning out to need a little more time than the average episode 🙂

  3. Love this show – got my boyfriend listening too! It’s about time that people got over their sexual judgements and restrictions. Thanks for getting in our faces about it JV!
    In regards to shaving, I decided a few months ago to get laser hair removal – not a brazilian but an “extended” bikini, which includes hair removal for full labia, and wherever else I wanted in the area, but not a full front. I was told to shave exactly how I wanted the hair removed. The salon followed my exact lines. I am three treatments in, with three more to go – but WE LOVE IT!
    My pussy lips are so silky smooth, they feel freshly shaved every day – with no shaving and NO iritation. I should have done this years ago.

    Of course my boyfriend does a full visual, digital and oral inspection when I come back from the day spa, regularly after that to track progress 😉 After each treatement, there is less hair and what is left is growing much more slowly.

    For ladies who are still shaving, try using gentle hair conditioner instead of soap – it’s slicker, and doesn’t burn like shaving cream

    • Curiouskity May 10, 2011 at 9:18 am · · Reply

      Thanks for the tip.

      I was wondering how much it costs to get the hair removal where you are?

  4. Tip for playing Musical Holes safely: put a female condom in the ass. It would be easier to switch more times that way since the inside of the condom would stay clean of ass-germs.

  5. I’m too wary to use Nair directly on my vag, but I did try hospital grade shaving. Its MARVELOUS! I wish I had known about it YEARS ago!

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