Episode 18 | Advice Line: Why Guys Like Facial Cumshots, Laser Pube Removal, Unsafe Sex Toys, False Accusations of Cheating

Episode 18 | Advice Line: Why Guys Like Facial Cumshots, Laser Pube Removal, Unsafe Sex Toys, False Accusations of Cheating

Topics include why guys like blowing loads all over women, laser hair removal for balls and pussies, how to spot and avoid using unsafe sex toys that can leech chemicals and cause problems, being constantly accused of cheating when you’re not (and how it can make you want to cheat just to balance the scales) and how to deal with a guy who doesn’t care if he can give his woman an orgasm. Suprisingly, my suggestion is not to beat him unconscious with a fifteen inch dildo.

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Coalition Against Toxic Toys: Smart Shopper’s Guide

Article Discussed: Are Vaginas Troublesome for Girls With Body Image Issues?

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  1. JV And Shara
    Great pocast and thanks! JV you mentioned metal fabrication and other comments on the proccess of Stainless 316L into surigcal grade we cast 316L here but mainly for surgical tools. we also do implants (knees, hips etc.)but that alloy is F75 which is a cobalt base alloy, both alloys must be polished to a mirror finish as you mentioned and the 316L must be passivated. Also for the 316L a customer requires a solutionize vacuum heat treat of an hour at 2000 deg. F. this adds to the corrosion resistence of the alloy. I would be very interested in seeing some of your fabrication work. I have been working with metal since I was very young in welding,fabrication,blacksmithing and repouss’e. it is always a pleasure to admire other peoples work and the passion they have for it.
    Thanks Again

    • Thanks man, glad you’re enjoying it. I’ll see if I can rustle up some cool pics to share. I need to take some new shots of my stainless flogger and some of the insertables I made back in the day for myself. I fab big stuff at work, but a lot of it is just industrial fare without a whole lot of “cool” factor.

      I’m just looking at doing 316L with passivation for the toys I’m designing. VHT would be overkill for a toy, and would probably run the price up too high with small lot sizes. Does your company do small runs, or just high volume medical stuff? I’ve been looking for a company to price some cast toys forever, but as you can probably imagine most foundries aren’t terribly friendly to small runs of sex toys 🙂

      I’ll have Shara remind me to take those pics in the next couple weeks (or I will most certainly forget)

      • ~giggle~ good thing I read this so I could remind you Sir to take the pictures…you forgot to tell me ~giggle~

        Also…just for clarification because you’re picky about language….first paragraph, second sentence…”some of the insertables I made back in the day for myself” you did not mean to use on yourself ~giggle~ just sayin’ 🙂


    • deeplockout,

      Glad to hear you enjoyed the podcast and I’ll be sure to remind JV to take newer pictures of items he made to send your way.


  2. Hey J.V. and Shara,
    Forgot to say this last time – I LOVE your podcasts and really appreciate Shara joining in with the female perspective. You both are a wealth of knowledge and always make me smile…

    So back to laser hair removal – I don’t know where you folks live that the prices are SO off the charts. I live in Austin Texas (ATX)
    and I got to Elements Laser Spa – voted #1 on Austin City Search, that’s why I picked them. The cost for the extended bikini was $99 per treatment. Yes, that’s not cheap but it’s damn sure not $400 per session!! If you are looking for a decent deal, you need to get your “Groupon” (which it sounds like you two do anyway :))
    This week Elements Laser Spa had a Groupon special for $139 for 3 sessions – they were advertising 69% off the regular price. How appropriate for our discussion.

    So J.V., I have to admit I was not thinking about laser hair removal on your balls, I don’t even know if that is offered. For men they always reference back and ass. Next, it’s not a laser beam coming at you like a Jedi sword – it’s more like a flash of light followed by a burst of cold air to cool the area.

    For me there is ZERO down time, Zero irritation. You are advised not to lay in the sun with the area exposed w/o full sunblock for the next 7 days. Since I don’t sunbath in the nude with my legs spread – that has not been an issue for me – for all you nudists out there, it could be.

    Since I don’t have balls, I can not make a recommendation for you J.V, however for you Shara – I promise you both will enjoy the smooth velvet feel. Not that I needed yet another reason to touch myself, but this has given me one.

    Thanks for asking for more info.
    Warm and Wet Regards

    • ATXMI,

      Thank you for the compliment and I hope to always bring a positive light to the podcasts. Putting a smile on a face is something I enjoy doing ~smirk~.

      For the research on the hair removal I didn’t bring up a local area, I did the search country wide but DEFINITELY looking into it further. I know $99.00 isn’t cheap however, MUCH better than what I was getting for pricing so I’ll do more research.

      Thank you for the information on your experience with it, makes me feel a little less intimidated by what would happen when I go. Besides, now that you made me get all wet by promising me I’ll enjoy the smooth velvet feel I can’t wait to try it! (like you, not that I needed another reason to touch myself…lol)

      Thank you again!

  3. Please, don’t confuse disinfection with sterilization. You know what I mean.

    As for aluminum, you made me curious. Please, write Metis Black from Tantus. I don’t have enough knowledge for that e-mail. I wonder about her reply. Maybe she’ll agree to come on the show. That could be great!

    As for facials in porn the other reason they are popular is that they are a “harm reduction” practice. They lower the chance of contracting HIV if the partner turns out to be infected. Maggie Mayhem wrote about not long ago.

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