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Your homework for episode 22, should you choose to accept it, is to fuck your playmate somewhere other than a bedroom. Bonus points for trying somewhere neither of you has done it before. Play within your own comfort zone, but let us know where you decided to get nasty and how it worked out for you.


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  1. I loved listening to your podcast this week. I have had sex in some locations that I would like to share with you.

    – Marina
    – Shower
    – Hotel bathroom
    – Back of a car
    – My office
    – Bedroom
    – Ex’s bedroom
    – Living room
    – Picnic table
    – Park (swings and benches are fun)

    I absolutly LOVE giving road head. It is so much fun. I used to do that to my boyfriend while driving around town but I can’t as his new car isn’t well sutied to that. I can still give him road head on long drives though.

    I think sex in other locations is so much fun, exciting, naughty and exhilarating. I hope to try other locations in my future with my boyfriend and our other partner.

    • I hope your picnic table experience went smoother than mine 😉

      When you’re giving road head do you stop short of getting him off, or have you figured out a safe way to handle that?

      • When I am giving him road head I get him off while he is driving. I was worried at first but he assured me he would be alirght and he was. He can multitask very well. I think he slows down as he drives. I don’t know for sure I just know he can drive while I get him off, which is awesome to me. Giving road head is my favorite thing to do.

  2. Just wanted to say that we completed this homework assignment over the weekend. We drove out to a scenic lookout and the girls had me recline my seat as far as possible. The one in the front seat sucked me off while the one in the back seat kissed me.

  3. Surprised to see only 4 comments on this excellent HW assignment. I know life is busy for most of us; that’s why we’re so late in posting, but must say to everyone that if you haven’t tried the HW for sex out of the bedroom, you need to!!
    We finally were “childess” the other night and anxiously awaiting the opportunity to try out this assignment.
    Kids gone, the daytime fading, I walked into the living room in the middle of a chore or two I needed to complete. The wife; however, had other ideas. She snuck up behind me, reached around and into my pants and decided to distract me from my work–which I was all too happy to comply with. After a short blowjob on the living room floor (me standing, her on her knees) we decided to break in the couch for a racuous romp. Not only did we finally get away from the bedroom but the new location gave us the opportunity to try out positions we aren’t otherwise able to do. It was a wonderful experience all around and, much like the ‘dick getting demoted’ HW, this will now become a routine part of our sexcapades! Thanks JV!!

  4. This was a blast!! We decided to try fucking in a mechanic’s shop. It was closed and after hours, but it was AWESOME! So far the homework is super fun and we’re proving to ourselves that you are never ‘too old’ for adventure!

  5. Sex outside the bedroom is more scintillating and astounding. What more can I add to make this as t

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