Woman Gets Off On Junk Food, Gains 200 lbs

Woman Has Orgasms From Food

From Metro.co.uk: The 25-year-old has now ballooned in weight to 223kg (35st) after eating enough ice-cream, cakes and pizzas to reach the height of sexual pleasure.

She suffers from a medical condition called persistent genital arousal syndrome, where orgasms are triggered without direct sexual arousal. In extreme cases, sufferers of the condition experience 300 orgasms a day.

She first noticed something unusual was happening as she tucked into a tub of ice-cream.

‘My friends thought I was making it up,’ said Miss Jones, of Colorado, ‘I was stunned but in no doubt of what had happened.’

She has put on 95kg (15st) in the past five years as she gorged and climaxed. She decided to profit from her affliction by setting up a fetish website where punters pay to watch her scoff herself to orgasm.

I can almost see this happening. Seriously, if you could literally have orgasms from eating junk food, wouldn’t you buy stock in Ben & Jerry’s? Still, while a story like this is a funny soundbite, most people with Persistent Genital Arousal Syndrome (which I like to call Genetic Lottery Winner-itis) have pretty constant orgasms from a wide variety of stimuli. For some it’s actually debilitating and prevents them from being able to go on about a normal day.

So, even if you could come from eating junk food, you’d probably come even harder as a result of pretty much any physical exertion. Imagine riding a bike, for fuck’s sake.

As far as the fetish website angle, having sold my share of porn online I’m betting she makes a mint. Mmmmmmm…mint chocolate chip.


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