Episode 23 | Advice Line: Getting Hubby On Board For Kinky Sex, Helping Guys With Size Paranoia, Helping A Nice Girl Find Her Slutty Side

Episode 23 | Advice Line: Getting Hubby On Board For Kinky Sex, Helping Guys With Size Paranoia, Helping A Nice Girl Find Her Slutty Side

A horny mom seeks help sorting through her recently discovered sex overdrive, advice for women looking to help keep their guys from needlessly obsessing about the size of their tools and a Dom looking for help unlocking the kinky side of a “nice girl.”

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  1. Another Great show! I just wanted to say that it is awesome that people are using your work in therapy. That’s something you should both be very proud of. It will be hard to go a week without the show! Can’t wait to hear more. Thanks for doing what you do!

    • Roxxi,

      Thank you and as for myself I am honored that people would choose our podcast to help others. Sometimes it amazes me how much JV and I agree completely on our responses. During that one week perhaps you will just have to do something to take your mind off of missing one episode ~giggle~.

      Thank you for enjoying what we do. We are all in it together!


    • Thanks Roxxi, we’re really geeked about it. I’ve got come fun topics and interviews coming up, so I think I’ll be able to make up for lost time 🙂

  2. J.V. & Shara, I want to thank you both for all of the help you have been giving me. My husband’s birthday is comming up, and I am going to rent a place out for the weekend and inlist grandma to watch the kids. I can’t even begin to tell you how much you both have helped me through all of this. You are offering people like me an amazing glance into a lifestyle that is usually portrayed as something to be ashamed of, and letting us see that the two of you have a wonderfull open and loving relationship. It shows how much love and fun you two have for eachother. And I have learned I can’t sit back and hope it might happen I need to talk to him and tell him what I like and ask him other things he might want to try that he likes. Thanks for the great show and tips! Can’t wait to try some of them.

    • Kiersten,

      It is our pleasure to give you ideas that are probably already there, just needed to come to the front ~smile~. What a great idea for a special birthday celebration.

      My feelings are that any sexual desires between two grown adults should be explored to see what you both like. It should be done open and freely and without any shame for what you desire. I feel it is something that can not only be “kinky” but also very special if all parties are enjoying themselves.

      It is no secret that JV and I love each other very much and have a very deep respect for each other. I’m glad that it shows in the podcast because I have the highest respect for JV and it is the respect that I have for him that allows me to trust him with my life. Also, the amazing fun we have when we are together.

      Yes, I agree with you… DON’T SIT BACK, engage in this and talk to him, I believe the two of you can find just as much fun and even a stronger bond than you had before by being open.

      Have a great time and look forward to hearing how it goes, I’m sensing it’s going to be a great ride (don’t forget the rope, ties or whatever makes you feel good!).


    • You’re very welcome Kiersten. We don’t always nail it the first time (pun intended), but we’re here to help and it’s always great to hear that we’re succeeding.

      Keep us in the loop, and give a shout if you run into any new roadblocks. Sounds like your man is going to need his smile surgically removed after his birthday 😉

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