Homework | 10 Habits of Highly Sexual People

For this assignment, should you choose to accept it, look over this excellent list of ten habits of highly sexual people.  Pick one thing on this list that you want to be better about, and focus on it for a couple weeks.  We’d love to know how it works out for you.


1. They think of sex frequently and surround themselves with stimuli that trigger desire. Dwelling on thoughts of sex arouses desire, which is communicated non-verbally and heightens their sex appeal.


2. They pursue – and usually attain – frequent sex. Sex is good for our health, both physically and psychologically, and the results show. It’s also self-reinforcing because the more sex we have, the more we want it.


3. They practice spontaneity, seeking sex whenever a good opportunity arises – and even when it doesn’t. This often involves some risk-taking, especially when it comes to sex outdoors or in semi-public places. The thrill of being caught in the act adds sexual tension and heightens sensation.


4. They are sexually adventurous and constantly seek new sexual paths, which keeps things fresh. Their openness to explore new techniques, new venues and new positions makes them an exciting partner.


5. They laugh frequently and use humor in the bedroom to dispel any tension or to defuse potentially embarrassing situations, which are inevitable with sex. People are drawn to laughter, and it bonds them as partners.

6. They’re not afraid to ask for what they want in bed, no matter how risqué or taboo the sexual activity may seem. They’re confident enough to be themselves and risk rejection. When faced with a negative response, are likely to think of another risqué request.


7. They look after their bodies in an effort to attract mates. They usually exercise and eat healthily. How they look is important – because if we look good, we tend feel good. They often dress to flatter their best assets and pay attention to personal grooming.


8. They are highly tactile people who squeeze, cuddle and kiss their partners frequently even when not initiating sex. This intimate contact out of the bedroom reinforces their prowess between the sheets because it conveys love and affection.


9. Instead of worrying about their physical shortcomings, they focus on giving and receiving sexual pleasure. Their self acceptance gives them confidence and sexual self-esteem, which increases their success between the sheets.


10. They relish pleasure in all forms, devouring food that delights their senses, pursuing relaxation activities with gusto, admiring and appreciating beauty for beauty’s sake. Their passion for life draws people to them, especially potential lovers, and further enhances their sex appeal.


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  1. Thanks for this assignment! Very informative. Will let you know the results of my “homework” lol I sure hope I get a good grade!

  2. I think I will do numbers 1 through 10 ~smirk~

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