Episode 36 | Audio Erotica: “A Shalar Is Born”

Episode 36 | Audio Erotica: “A Shalar Is Born”

NOTE: This episode has been updated, with Shara performing the female dialogue 🙂

A quick, kinky tale of a farmgirl who gets more than she bargained for when she throws herself at the local blacksmith. This story is a prequel to “Lady of the Drake,” coming fall 2011 from Ravenous Romance.

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  1. happykitty August 4, 2011 at 3:14 pm · · Reply

    feedback on the voice for the book you are releasing. i though that the voice in ep20 was the best with possible my favorite piece of literature. then ep15 because it was some what similar to that of ep20 but not quite similar. ep36 seemed a little bit forced on my opinion but the story was amazing. i would love to hear more on both ep20 and ep36. i don’t know if you would be interested in letting shara be the woman voice in the stories.. you made me laugh on ep36 girl voices. thank you again for the great show

    • Thanks so much, I’m really glad you’ve enjoyed the stories so far. Did the female dialogue on “The Taking of Ariel” seem more or less jarring than this one? The voicing I used in episodes 15 and 20 feels more natural to me than what I did this time around, so I’m curious what you think of the female dialogue in the older episodes.

      • happykitty August 8, 2011 at 4:05 am · · Reply

        “the taking of ariel” was more of a rough fantasy.. the girl being swept off her feet by the most daring guy. the story developing is intriguing and there wasn’t much girl dialogue, it was her thoughts which was an excellent choice. “a shalar is born” was more arousing.. the sweet naive girl and old fashion stud. i enjoyed the dialogue but i would have preferred one word change “use” to “fuck”. you know how to write literature that not only satisfies the mind but also keep the dopamine levels up 🙂 thank you again and can’t wait to hear more about the book and the amazing world you’ve created

  2. I stuck in my thumb
    Sucked on her Plumb
    WHAT a good boy am I!!!

  3. Hello J. V.! How are you doing? I’m a girl from Brazil and I’m writing you just to let you know that you’ve got listeners down here and I’m still catching up with the episodes. You’re doing a great job helping people in that matter and communication is very important in a relationship and I must confess that I have to work on that in my relationship too. Sorry, I know that this is not the proper subject to post on but I didn’t know where else to post. Have a great weekend!

    • I forgot to say that I find your podcast very entertaining as well and it’s great. Please, don’t get me wrong 🙂

  4. Just listed to the updated version of this episode. Great job Shara! I hope to hear your lovely voice in future erotica readings 🙂

  5. Let me start by saying how much I have enjoyed the work you’ve been doing with this effort. It is a wonderful way to make the world a healthier and more beautiful place for all of us. With all the sex-negative offerings on the internet, it is exciting to find that it can also be a resource for real education. While you guys might not be certified, you are helpful and your attitudes are fabulous.

    J.V.: Your voice in this episode was a real improvement from your previous voicings. While accents can be effective, any unevenness is quite distracting. Besides, with a natural voice as lovely as yours, there’s no solid reason to use anything else. If you do decide to expand your horizons by experimenting with accents, I recommend that you do so in a character’s voice instead of with your narrator. I love male voices, and some are sexier than others. Don’t change yours.

    Shara: Your voice is also wonderful, but in a completely different way. I grew up in the western suburbs, but my dad is from back of the yards and the women in his family have accents like yours. Now that I’m past imagining my aunts each time I listen to you,I’m really enjoying the timbre of your voice. I hope you will continue to participate in audio-erotica, and that you are enjoying that as much as you obviously enjoy your role on the podcast.

    I’d also like to weigh in on the bell. The tone is quite shrill. While I like the idea that we are getting to witness Shara’s blushing, I keep wondering if we could do that in a way which doesn’t clash with the otherwise relaxing and sensual nature of your podcast. Is there another sound effect which might be more appropriate?

  6. Just have to say to keep up your wonderful doings! But, to Shara. WE NEED MORE EMOTION! I feel that your voice in this piece makes it so hard to get into. You don’t sound real, or even into what you’re reading. It sets off the whole story. It isn’t sexy or seductive sounding, and frankly makes me not want to listen to this.. sorry to be so blunt, but i think if your were to let loose and lose yourself in the reading, the story would be bound together perfectly! Don’t get me wrong, the story is amazing and very easy-going. Deff. WILL recommend.

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