Stripper Aerobics For Seven Year Olds?

Miss Pole Dance 2011 champion, Jess Norris, who runs the classes, insisted they were a “fantastic” way for kids to keep fit.

She said: “There is nothing sexual about the classes.

“What I teach is pole fitness, nothing else. There is nothing at all rude going on.”

Article from the Sun Times

Girls between the ages of seven and twelve are taking “pole fitness” classes for exercise. I’m one of the most sexually open-minded guys you’re ever likely to run across, and even I think this goes a little far.

Yes, pole fitness is a good way to develop muscle tone and get a cardiovascular workout. I don’t know many guys who would object to their wife or girlfriend learning how to work a stripper pole. Still, I think we can try to have a line of good taste when it comes to what we expose children to.

I’m not even going to make the “sexualizing children” argument. I think kids that young would take it at face value, as exercise, but they’re not always going to be that young. In just a few years they’ll be teenagers trained as strippers.

In the popular consciousness, the image of a woman dancing on a pole evokes a very specific image. You can’t even see a silhouette without thinking of strippers. Let it be said that I love both the art and sexuality of exotic dance, and I support any woman who chooses to make a living doing it, but I don’t think we’re at a point where we need to train them from childhood like sleeper agents for Russian intelligence.

So why, with all the great ways kids can get exercise, would you choose an activity for kids that’s impossible to dissociate from the sex industry? I can’t even support it as being progressive or sex-positive. I think it’s just making crappy choices as a parent.


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  1. J. Edgar Nation August 12, 2011 at 2:01 am · · Reply


    Guess it’s just another creepy thing (like these Fundamentalist-sponsored father-daughter purity balls) which these sexually-benighted times have spawned.

    Saints preserve us.

    (More info on purity balls from the SF Gate:

    • Wow, two forms of complete mind numbing stupidity in child rearing. I don’t know which is worse the stripper trainging for kids or the repression of the purity balls. Both articles left me dumbfounded.

  2. Great…Because we don’t want the innocent little children understanding or having sex, but we want them to mimic the movements in the name of exercise.

    Also, please tell me that the same people that get upset about the over-sexed cheerleading routines performed by the same age group, are upset over this as well. If they’re not, then we as a society are screwed.

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