Episode 37 | Advice Line: Sex-Positive Christians, Condom Problems, Praying Away The Gay

Episode 37 | Advice Line: Sex-Positive Christians, Condom Problems, Praying Away The Gay

Listener questions and comments on erectile dysfunction directly related to condoms, Christians doing their best to be sex-positive, and the “ex-gay” movement (which produces Shara’s first rant on the show).

Shara and I also talk about some upcoming audio erotica that we’re doing for Ravenous Romance, the re-release of Episode 36 with Shara doing the female dialogue, and the show’s first birthday. Also, Shara gets her birthday spankings on the air 🙂

Show Links:

The post that inspired Questioner’s comment: Christian Blogger Claims 70% of Women Don’t Deserve Orgasms.

Article from TheMarriageBed.com: What’s OK/What’s Not (according to the Bible)

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  1. One idea that has worked for a lot of guys I know that have problems with condoms is an idea I got from sex if fun is to masterbate with a condom on.

  2. JV, why don’t you just make the 10 one harder?

    Shara, let me help you with your homework.

    These are blogs that have links to other Christian marriage blogs; you’ll be surprised how many there are.

    Also have a look at this APA article on homosexuality, which discusses misunderstandings of homosexuality as a ‘choice’ or ‘disease’.

    Thanks for discussing my comment, looking forward to the gender episode.

  3. I have been listening to your Podcast for the past week from the beginning and I have noticed some trends; while J.V. is bang on with most of what he says and a lot of people could use his advice, he really has no idea what he’s talking about when it comes to religion. Shara really hit the nail on the head when she said that Christians are supposed to be “loving and accepting” but that doesn’t mean that we have to be supportive of poly-amorous or homosexual relationships. I will never ignore, neglect, harass, abuse, etc. someone just because I don’t agree with what they choose to do but I don’t have to tell them that I support them or that what they do is okay either. It always sounds like we are expected to support what we don’t agree with lest we be called bigots, racists, sexists or people who practice hate speech. (I think that any Christians who are willing to talk about improving their sex lives are no longer in the “Sexual Dark Age.” Just because they don’t practice or endorse homo or poly sexuality doesn’t mean they aren’t sex positive. I had to get that off my chest because that bugged me when you said we were still in the “Dark Age.” :D)

    As for Pray Away the Gay, I don’t know much about the movement but I do know people who have chosen to not act on their gay impulses because they also believe in the Bible and the Bible says what they want to do is wrong. J.V., from what I can gather, you HATE labels. From my perspective, I can say that you are labeling gays based on their preferences and actions. I love bacon but if my religion said that it’s wrong for me to eat bacon then I would disdain from acting on my impulse and desire to eat bacon. At the same time, people who believe in the message of the Bible and want to live a lifestyle according to what it teaches will not act on their impulses of homosexuality because it is wrong.

    Finally, I want to toss a question to you to think about. There has been no biological proof that there is anything that can make someone gay from birth. Nobody has found a “gay gene,” if you will. That being said, a whole lot of our emotional development as humans happens when we are really young. Is it not possible that gay people are not born that way but rather develop that tendency because of a lack of attention from a certain gender or other factors as they develop? Is it not possible that they are developed that way rather than born that way? J.V., you are a very open minded person in nearly everything but I have come to the conclusion that religion is not one of those things; you are too smart to be close-minded to anything.

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