Win A Limited Edition Signed/Numbered Print Copy of Lady of the Drake

As I announced on Episode 41, to celebrate the release of my first novel we’re doing a special contest for podcast listeners. Lady of the Drake is an ebook, but I’m doing a limited run of 50 signed/numbered paperbacks. A lot are for friends and family, but I’m setting aside most of them for free giveaways to fans.

For those of you who are buying the book anyway, post an honest review on the site where you bought it before December 15, 2011. Then send an email to jvaltharas AT gmail DOT com with “CONTEST ENTRY” in the subject line, telling me where you posted the review and your username.

We’ll be giving away one book for every ten entries (up to ten books), so that gives you a 1 in 10 chance to win a limited edition that might be the only time Lady of the Drakeever appears in print. We’ll see how much interest there is in this contest, and if we get to 100 entries really fast we might do the drawing early or scare up a few more copies for you guys.

For those who’d like a chance to win a book but weren’t planning on buying the e-book, I’ll be giving away a bunch on my blog tour next month and usually you’ve just got to send an email or post a comment for those entries. I’ll post details of the blog tour as soon as they’re nailed down.

There’s also a free giveaway of two copies posted on Goodreads, so if you’re a member there just go to the book’s listing and click.


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  1. hey….i stumbled onto your podcast and have since listened to almost all of your previous shows. i really like the straightforward way you do the show and the fact that you also have a female voice at times.

    i’m just beginning to really look at my own sexuality..after 25 years of marriage…it’s taken a separation to make me realize i have no idea what makes me happy in bed…what i want or how to go about getting it ! sad but true.

    so thanks for the voice of my future…hopefully i’ll be able to put some of the info to good use…and become more comfortable with my own body and sexuality.

    after being with only one person for the past nearly 30 years it’s going to take a big leap of faith to let anyone near…wish me luck


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