Episode 43 | The Clitoris: Things You Probably Don’t Know

Episode 43 | The Clitoris: Things You Probably Don’t Know

We talk in-depth about the clitoris, including some great info revealed by recent research.

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After Dinner Party: A Two-Pronged, Art Centered Clitoris Education Project

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All images re-posted with permission from After Dinner Party. For the original post plus lots of educational material on the clitoris, you can go straight to the Clitoris page, but I recommend starting with the Intro.

Clitoris side view with nomenclature

Side View of the Clitoris with Medical Nomenclature


Clitoris Illustration

Clitoris Illustration


Medical dissection drawing of the clitoris

Clitoral Front View, Dissection


Female Sex Organs, Highlighting The Clitoris

Female Sex Organs, Highlighting The Clitoris


Drawing of sex organ homologous tissue

Male and Femal Sexual Homologous Tissue


clitoris excitement plateau

Clitoral Swelling During Sexual Arousal


MRI Scan, Clitoris Side View

MRI Scan, Clitoris Side View


Clitoris MRI Front View Sections

MRI Scan, Clitoris Front View Sections


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  1. Thought this was a great show, enjoyed and learned some things. Love the diagrams/figures. Keep up the good work. Love the podcast.

  2. I wonder if the “Dr.” speaking about vaginas falling out might have actually been talking about prolapsed uterus. That’s pretty common and a woman would actually be able to push the uterus back up inside….not comfortable. (PS- I’m a nurse…10 yrs experience…and I had never seen what the clitoris actually looks like. Nope. It was never explained in detail…fucking Dark Age!)

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