All Women Are Real Women

all women are real women


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  1. I suppose with this logic only Chipendale Men are “real men”.

    On a side note, it is interesting that whne peopl egte so focused on one idea it is refered to as Steriotypical, yet stereo means have at least two differnece sounds or views.

    Please read the above for humor and not for the logic.

    • I think you’ve got your logic reversed. This says that using the term “real women” to refer to curvy girls is exclusionary, implying that women who aren’t plus-sized somehow aren’t “real women,” which is a fair assessment. The behavior being discouraged would be equivalent to saying Chippendale guys are the only “real men,” not the behavior being suggested.

      As a fun side note, since I’m an etymology nerd, the use modern use of the word “stereotype” dates back to an 18th century french term for printing from a solid plate of type to make identical duplicate copies, “stereo” being “from solid,” from the Greek word for “solid,” which is “stereo.” What we think of first when we hear “stereo” is actually a truncated version of “stereophonic,” which would roughly be “solid sound” in Greek. Actually not a bad name for a sound system 🙂

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