Episode 53 | Getting Girls, Breaking The Swing Ice, The Gift of Panties, Kegel Exercise Orgasms

Episode 53 | Getting Girls, Breaking The Swing Ice, The Gift of Panties, Kegel Exercise Orgasms

Topics include advice for a younger guy on how to replace masturbation with real women, advice for a couple who’s almost certain their friends want to swing with them but aren’t sure how to break the ice without being embarassed, thoughts for a girl whose younger brother asked for a pair of her panties to keep, and the possibliity of having vaginal orgasms for the first time by doing your kegel exercises so you can clamp down on your playmate.

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  1. Hi J.V.,

    My story of first getting the girl is pretty lame. In the summer between high school and university my best friend’s family was moving over 1000 miles away and we were supposed to be having a going away party. Well his parents decided to leave a day early so the party was canceled but a friend of ours still wanted to do something so her and I went to the video store and rented a couple of movies to go along with her 40oz bottle of Southern Comfort. We went back to my place (yay for being in the basement) and started watching some lame comedy and drinking the booze. By the end of the first movie I was smashed and she started making out with me when we put on the second movie. We didn’t watch any of the movie but the alcohol had made it impossible for me to get it up so I went down on her for the lenght of the movie. The next day she told me that she had planned on seducing me because I was in her words “Too much of a gentleman” to make the moves on her. We hooked up again a couple days later and we were able to have sex. We dated for the rest of the summer and did the long distance thing for the first month of school but she ended up getting back together with one of her ex-boyfriends behind my back and I haven’t heard from her since.

  2. Thanks for answering my question about the Kegel exercises. I think I will start jogging , I could use to lose a few pounds and what’s a better motivator than improving your sex life! Once again thanks for taking the time to respond!

  3. ABOUT THE FRIENDZONE… I just wanted to share a lesson I learned: just because you are a good guy doesn’t mean that you have to be “the good guy”. Example from my college days: At a Halloween party some douche threw a piece of candy down my friend’s shirt. She was standing next to me and when she turned around and pulled her shirt away to fish the candy out I could have easily got a great shot of her tits. But I have some respect for people and I just quietly turned my head without saying anything. She noticed and said most guys would have been leaning over looking down and that she really respected me for not doing that. I just made some wimpy comment and smiled. THAT is where I made my mistake. I am convinced that if I would have said something along the lines of “You have a great body. I would just rather have you show it to me than sneak a peek.” I would have gone far that night. Teachable moments! (Just for the record so I don’t make myself sound like a complete puss, I did land two of her hot roommates over the next couple of years. I learned from my mistakes!)

  4. My first girl actually came to me. I was the new kid in a fairly small town and she was a very outgoing girl. Maybe not the most popular, but very outgoing. I was a bit suspicious when she started talking to me out of nowhere, but I let conversation happen. One thing led to another and we started getting attached which led to dating. First kiss, first pair of seen tits, first blowjob and then of couse first time. Relationships were always easy for me since I was gifted in the face department as a kid.

    The lesson I learned, and is the point of my post, is to let things happen. If a random stranger starts talking to you don’t be rude. Let things happen and try to encourage moving forward. You enjoy talking with them? Try to get coffee together. You can hang out outside school or work? Hang out at a party or at your house. Still comfortable? Look for hints that they’re interested. If not hey you have a new friend who can lead to meeting other people. Rinse and repeat until you find yourself a new partner or fuck buddy.

    PS My bud just told me that it’s a good idea to constantly look for those signs that they are interested instead of waiting until you are already friends. I think it depends what you are looking for. Long term or short term.

  5. Medical Advisor November 13, 2012 at 1:17 am · · Reply

    Hi guys
    I gotta put a note in here about a comment on the show that made me go HUH!? In the segment about meeting a couple for possible swinging experience.

    The discussion of an icebreaker included Alcohol, pot or ecstasy….I’m gonna sound like an old putz here but I for one prefer to be fully aware and able to enjoy any and all experiences I have to the fullest extent. I have been in some scenes, situations that were exciting and frightening but I was always clearheaded about what risks I was taking on.

    Obviously any of the items mentioned have their risks and despite the latest votes throughout the country on election day pot is not risk free….I can go on about all of them but I won’t you are all adults (I hope). Make your mind/mood altering decisions carefully.

  6. Silversurfer November 27, 2012 at 1:48 pm · · Reply

    Hi from Denmark. Regarding “getting the girl” i have used a lot of time studying – in theory and practice – how to “pick up” girls before/after a recent divorce 3 years ago. I can highly recommend going for some study material from so-called pickup artists. I have no affiliation with these guys, but I like their material: http://www.lovesystems.com/. There is also other stuff out there to be used as study material, but I found “Magic Bullets” by Savoy most helpful as well as their interview series. Pickup is an art that has to be mastered. I found that I could use some of the same techniques with couples as well in the swinger world (with my previous wife). I also used the techniques to get access to couples being the bull and single male in the swinger world (and that is a tough cookie with all those rude and pushy men without manners). If I were King I this would be mandatory for guys in school.

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