Episode 66 | Same-Sexploration, Munch Shyness & Stinky Cowboys

Episode 66 | Same-Sexploration, Munch Shyness & Stinky Cowboys

Topics include a younger guy with concerns about being attracted to other guys, a woman wondering how to work up the courage to go to a kinky munch, and a cowboy getting kicked out of bed for an odor problem he’s not sure exists

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  1. J.V. & Shara,

    Thanks for the suggestions. To answer the question of if I worked the Rodeo, I did not, the most work I did was lifting a bottle of stout to my lips, and J.V. is right, if I smell horrid my buddies would have called me on it and kicked my ass back to the shower.

    On the idea that it might be a scent that I don’t find over powering but she does, I traded my body wash and laundry detergent for special deodorizing variants, normally used only during hunting season, scrubbed my mouth with baking soda to avoid tooth paste scents, and cut out of work for a day to avoid any smells that way. After what I felt was a nice night before she went back east for the holidays, the day I cut work, having recreated our one year anniversary date as best I could(a summer date that included skinny dipping in a remote mountain lake), I once again used every little trick to get her motor running, and it was, the pussy juice stain on the couch didn’t lie, but by the time I had gotten my shirt off I ‘smelled’ again.

    Any conversation about seeing if the issue was with her and not me lead to one hell of fight, getting me kneed in the nuts on one occasion, and her storming out.

    Pissed off and extremely frustrated, having been cut off for the better part of a year, I went out with some of our mutual friends, her cousin among them, after many rounds and several questions about both my scent and what could possibly be wrong with her, her cousin, a buddy since high school, dropped me a bit of advice, next time I got a chance look at her old texts or emails.

    I do admit I broke her trust by snooping through her personal email, but I had already lost my trust in her. I came across several recent and explicit messages to one of her old boyfriends detailing an affair.

    I confronted her about this and ended up in another fight, landing myself in the county lockup after I lost my temper and smacked her for trying to lie about it to my face. When I got out she was already moved out of my place and in with her other lover.

    All in all, it was a shitty start to my new year, but I’m not getting cuckolded any more.


  2. Light knight January 19, 2015 at 11:01 pm · · Reply

    Thanks for the insight. It was… surprisingly emotional to hear my question on the air. I hope the movement catches on. Also I have a few ideas/requests for the show.
    1: a teen’s sexuality survival guide. Saying how not to screw up and do something stupid.
    2: a guide to writing erotic fiction. I have romances and long adventure stories to put them in, but want to know beforehand general advice so any sex in it doesn’t suck.
    3: how each person can help break the dark age in themselves and in the world. Thanks in advance if you do any of these.

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